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Pedors Shoes - Extra Depth Shoes - Pedors Orthotics

Whether you suffer from a severe foot ailment or you are simply looking for a more comfortable pair of shoes, Pedors has a fashionable solution.  We have Pedors shoes all the way down to an infant size six.

Pedors provides some of the world's best orthopedic and diabetic shoes and socks. They are designed for comfort, protection and support.  Pedors shoes are made specifically for people who need orthopedic and diabetic shoes.  The  stretch nylon / neoprene adjusts and stretches to accommodate the most demanding problem feet.  Removable insoles make room for custom orthotics.  Plenty room for swollen or sensitive feet.  Those who suffer from corns, bunions, hammertoes, edema or diabetes will appreciate the extra-deep toe box.  Machine wash, air dry.  Pedors makes a great healing shoe. 

Pedors Shoes are the original seamless neoprene orthopedic depth stretch shoe solution for problem feet. Available in full and half sizes and in up to four widths in some models, Pedors shoes provide an off the shelf solution available in over 80 different sizes in one line alone!

Pedors are very light weight. The adjustable touch closure strap makes fitting the shoe very easy. This is of particular importance for people who struggle tying laces and for those people whose feet swell over the course of the day.

All Pedors shoes come with a removable insole that is inch in depth to allow for custom inserts or orthotics.  The Pedors 3P prefabricated inserts are designed to provide additional protection, comfort and support. These heat moldable inserts provide additional cushioning and because they are moldable offer 100% contact with the sole of the foot, minimize sheer forces in the shoe during gait which is of particular importance for the diabetic foot. Pedors #P inserts are sized to match the Pedors Sterling Edition last but can be trimmed to fit most depth shoes.

Pedors also manufacture a line of crew length seamless diabetic socks that complement Pedors shoes. The line includes a dress, casual and athletic sock that are available in white, navy, black , brown and khaki, and are designed to be non binding and non constricting. Pedors also offers a compression sock that is also seamless that helps reduce edema.

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Diabetes causes your blood sugar levels to be higher than normal. Over time, high blood sugar levels can damage the blood vessels and nerves in your body. Damage to your nerves means that you may have burning pain or lose feeling in a part of your body (this is called diabetic neuropathy). Damage to the blood vessels in your feet means that your feet may not be getting a good supply of blood.
Why Therapeutic Shoes?
The benefits of therapeutic shoes for people with tired-aching feet are often overlooked. Unfortunately, many people with mild to severe foot issues often overlook these benefits as well. They don't cost more than ordinary shoes so cost isn't the issue. It's education. Many people with treatable foot issues don't even know these shoes exist and the number of people walking around with constant back pain due to incorrect shoes is astonishing.

Diabetes and the foot:

  • diabetes damages the nerves (damage can occur to the foot and not be detected) - this is called peripheral neuropathy.
  • diabetes also affect the circulation. Poor circulation can affect the ability of the body to heal when damage occurs.
  • those with diabetes are more prone to infection - the body's processes that normally fight infection respond slower and often have trouble getting to infections due to the poor circulation.
  • diabetes can also affect the joints, making them stiffer
  • other diabetes complications that can also affect the foot, for example, kidney disease (affects proteins that are involved in wound healing) and eye disease (can't see the foot to check for damage).


Special Care Socks

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Post Op & Pain Relief

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  How to measure your foot for Diabetic shoes


Pedors Shoes are one of the most popular selections for Diabetic foot and Arthritis sufferers.

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