Bestcare SA400 Features

Bestcare Stand Assist SA400 Standing Patient Lift features.

  • SA400 has 400 lb. safe working load
  • 3" front casters provide low base height of 4.7"
  • 4" rear casters w/brakes
  • Doubles as a commode lift for additional flexability
  • Warning beep for low battery charge and weight capacity levels
  • Large ergonomic handles for patient/caregiver comfort and security
  • Unique foot pedal base opening for wheelchair/commode access
  • Adjustable knee pad with optional knee strap
  • Quick release removable foot platform
  • Optional buttock strap for patients requiring additional support
  • Low base height provides maximum stability and fits under lower beds

SA400 Sit-to-Stand Component Diagram

SA500 Assembly Diagram

1. Base
2. Mast
3. Control Box
4. Hand Pendant
5. Actuator
6. Lifting Boom
7. Knee pad Assembly
8. Footrest
9. Caster Brake
10. Front Caster

Control Box & Battery

Control Box - Battery

Control Box & Battery Features:
  • Smart charging function for longer battery life
  • Battery capacity indicator on battery pack
  • Soft start and stop for lifting actuator
  • Soft and Hardware over-current protection
  • Actuator’s Over-duty protection with alert on LCD display
  • Emergency stop button interrupts the power supply to the actuators and makes the actuators stop immediately in case of sudden danger
  • Control panel with two buttons
  • Internal Charger
  • Audible alarm for low battery capacity