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Footspring Parts for 5410IVC Bed

Invacare 5490IVC parts

Footspring Parts for 5410IVC Bed - Image 1 of 0
Footspring Parts for 5410IVC Bed - Image 2 of 0
Footspring Parts for 5410IVC Bed - Image 1 of 0
Footspring Parts for 5410IVC Bed - Image 2 of 0
Footspring Parts for 5410IVC Bed - Image 1 of 0
Footspring Parts for 5410IVC Bed - Image 2 of 0

Invacare 5410IVC - 5490IVC Parts

6 Reviews
Replacement parts for Invacare 5410IVC Full-Electric Hospital Bed.
Foot-Spring section has part# 5490IVC
Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks
Product Code: 5490IVC
  • Returns: 10 day return policy.

Invacare 5490IVC Parts for 5410IVC Beds

Replacement parts for the Invacare Full-electric Bed model 5410IVC. The foot section of the Invacare IVC Full-Electric Bed uses part number 5490IVC. The "IVC" indicates which style (older/new) components are used on the bed with IVC being the most recent.

If you have a question about the Full-Electric Bed or the Footspring section call customer service 866-722-4581.

Use this link to find Head/Footboard Bed Ends: 5301IVC Bed Ends
Use this link to find the: Invacare 5410 Full-Electric Hospital Bed

Parts Diagram:

Footend Diagram

Drive Shaft

Caster Wheels

Invacare 5490IVC Bed Parts

Product CodeNameYour PriceQty
Product Code:5490IVC-0001Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 1. Frame, Foot Spring (w/ Springs), Your Price:$343.00
Product Code:5490IVC-0002Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 10. Stop, Mattress, 026159Your Price:$93.75
Product Code:5490IVC-0004Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 13. Motor, Hi/Lo with Bracket, 1116653Your Price:$430.00
Product Code:5490IVC-0005Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 16. Cable, High/Low Motor, 1116640Your Price:$112.00
Product Code:5490IVC-0006Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 17. Cable, Foot Actuator, 1116642Your Price:$112.00
Product Code:5490IVC-0007Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 18. Controller/Junction Box, 1117178Your Price:$528.00
Product Code:5490IVC-0008Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 2. Lanyard with Hitch Pin Assy, 5880M006Your Price:$93.75
Product Code:5490IVC-0009Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 20. Motor, Foot with Pull Tube, 1116644Your Price:$420.00
Product Code:5490IVC-0010Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 22. Cord, Power, 1128179Your Price:$112.00
Product Code:5490IVC-0011Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 23. Hand Pendant, 3 Function, 1115290Your Price:$203.00
Product Code:5490IVC-0012Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 24. Crank, Emergency, 5880M004Your Price:$104.00
Product Code:5490IVC-0013Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 25. Tube, Pull, Motor Foot, 1115557Your Price:$94.50
Product Code:5490IVC-0014Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 26. Hi-Low Drive Shaft (80"), 7000M585Your Price:$115.00
Product Code:5490IVC-0015Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 3. Tube, Pull, Head End Assy, 1122827Your Price:$102.30
Product Code:5490IVC-0016Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 35. Caster Kit, Set/4, 1123550 [OUT OF STOCK]Your Price:$123.90
Product Code:5490IVC-0017Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 4. Tube, Pull, Motor Head - Outer, 1115561Your Price:$94.50
Product Code:5490IVC-0018Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 5. Pin, Clevis (3/8 x 1-3/4"), 026976Your Price:$93.75
Product Code:5490IVC-0019Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 6. Pin, Hitch (3/8 x 1-3/16"), 51000M743Your Price:$93.51
Product Code:5490IVC-0020Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 7. Kit, Head Motor Assy, 1121270Your Price:$432.00
Product Code:5490IVC-0021Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 8. Cable, Head Actuator, 1116641Your Price:$112.00
Product Code:5490IVC-0022Invacare 5410IVC Parts - 9. Mount, Motor, 5300M054Your Price:$96.20


Average Customer Review:
( 6 )
Vance Wasson from VA
January 8, 2021
Pendant for 10+ yr old Invacare Full Electric Bed
Little hard to come by. Pendant buttons become stiff over time.However...the ordering and receiving were great. The unit worked.
Was this review helpful to you?
Dan Garnitz from Emmitsburg, MD United States
November 13, 2018
Was this review helpful to you?
Anonymous Person from irons, MI United States
December 18, 2018
Good service, no hassle shipping, easy to find parts, awesome job
Was this review helpful to you?
David Klinedinst from York, PA United States
July 24, 2018
Parts for Invacare bed
I got exactly what I wanted and in a timely manner. Thanks for your service.
Was this review helpful to you?
Randy Booker from Highland , CA United States
April 27, 2017
Got the part I needed
Ordering assistance was provided, professional, helpful. I will certainly use again when needed.
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