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Orders $50 or more

Prescription Authorization

Did you know: You can fax your Prescription ahead of time.

This is Non-Medicare, Non-Insurance related information intended for customers purchasing a product that may be FDA regulated. Primarily Respiratory equipment and T.E.N.S. and E.M.S. units.

Federal Law (USA) restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician. This product should not be used unless the operator has been instructed by a qualified health care professional.

Products requiring Doctor's Prescription:
T.E.N.S. Units
E.M.S. Units
Oxygen Concentrator (can be Rx for Oxygen)
Conserving Devices & Regulators (can be Rx for Oxygen)
Nebulizer Compressor
CPAP/BIPAP machine
Suction Aspirators

O2 tanks, cylinders, headgear and other accessories do not require a prescription. Generally speaking, any product that generates or delivers concentrated O2 will need a physician's prescription. Accessories do not require prescriptions.

How do I send a prescription to PHC-Online?

The process is very simple.
  1. Place your order with PHC-Online.
  2. Write your order number on the bottom of your prescription.
  3. Fax your prescription to PHC Customer Service at 1-702-666-9018.

Prescriptions can be faxed by the patient or the physician to 702-666-9018 (no coversheet required) or email to Rx@phc-online.com. Please reference your order number when sending your prescription.

Prescription must be from a U.S. physician.

Dealers purchasing these products must have their State Medical/Pharmacy License on file to avoid the Rx requirement. Fax to 702-666-9018.

Physician's office or clinic should have Physician's State Medical License on file. Fax to 702-666-9018.

Please do not call to ask us to make exceptions. We cannot ship the product until we have received the Rx.

Please call customer service if you need further assistance, toll-free 866-722-4581.