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Alternating Pressure
A method of pressure management. Air cylinders are inflated and deflated in an A-B-A-B pattern; at a given moment, the A's are relatively inflated and the B's relatively deflated, then an attached pum
ALTE - Apparent Life Threatening Event
An episode that is frightening to the observer and that is characterized by some combination of apnea, color change, marked change in muscle tone, choking or gagging
What is Medicare's coverage criteria for motorized or power wheelchairs?
Medicare will pay for a motorized wheelchair. Although it is not guaranteed that you will qualify or be reimbursed by Medicare, whether you personally lay out the price for one, or are looking for
Group 2
The second of three groups of mattresses designated by Medicare. Group 2 is divided into 5 codes, and contains powered mattresses (EO277 includes low-air-loss, alternating pressure and lateral rotatio
Lateral Rotation
A method of pressure management with support surfaces that can be programmed to rotate the patient up to 40° in either direction from flat supine. Lateral rotation (a.k.a. adjuvant therapy, rotation t
Pressure Management
The re-distribution of pressure off of bony prominences and points of pressure concentration. This can include products that give a more equal distribution of pressure such as foam mattresses, those t
Pressure Reduction
In clinical practice, “Pressure Reduction” has come to mean mattresses that are normally used for the prevention or pressure ulcers. These are generally static or non-powered mattresses, such as the G
Lightweight/Sports Wheelchair
The most popular type of wheelchair for everyday use for a person with good upper body mobility is the lightweight manual wheelchair. Lightweight chairs provide maximum independence of movement with a
Stage I pressure ulcer
An observable pressure related alteration of intact skin whose indicators as compared to the adjacent or opposite area on the body may include changes in one or more of the following: skin temperature
Wound V.A.C Therapy
or negative pressure wound therapy uses negative pressure through a controlled suction device to close large wounds and promote faster healing. This patented, FDA-approved device is composed of a soph
Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure; Used to treat sleep apnea, and other sleep related breathing disorders; Delivers alternating levels of inspiratory pressure (IPAP), or higher pressure, to keep the a