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Last Updated: 10/30/2020
Arthritis is not one disease, but over 100 known diseases that affect the bones, muscles and joints. The term does not designate a specific disease, but means inflammation of a joint resulting from any cause. Pain and swelling can ensue (particularly obvious in the hands and feet), which creates limited movement and mobility.

Products for Arthritis patients

Lift Chairs:
Lift chairs can help those suffering from Arthritic Back, Hip and Knee by performing the lifting and sitting electronically. In addition, they are comfortable recliners with a wide variety of fabrics. See Lift Chair Catalog for more on how these chairs work.

Shoes for Arthritis:
You probably already know that Drew footwear plays an important part in maintaining an active lifestyle and comfort level. Because the arthritic foot is hypersensitive, swollen and painful joints need Drew's extra room and soft leathers. Arthritic feet typically have disintegrated fatty pads that need Drew's extra cushioning and shock absorbing insoles. Often, orthotics are prescribed to position the foot to create less stress and alleviate pain. Drew footwear has a variety of depths to accommodate these special orthotics. If arthritis is present in the fingers and hands, Drew footwear has VelcroŽ closures and a wide opening that can ease the pain of putting on, and taking off, footwear.

Walkers & Rollators:
For ambulatory patients Rollators with seats make sense for those that may need to slow down for a few minutes. They also have hand brakes an other accessories. Walkers are primarily used by slower users, but are lightweight and fold flat for transport.

Home Care Beds:
Get a good night's sleep with Adjustable Beds. They can help with all kinds of aches and pains. Adjustable beds look like regular beds and are available as Wall-Hugger. Full-Electric Hospital Beds raise and lower the entire bed for patients that need to adjust the height to sit down or get up.

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