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Invacare Parts

Invacare Replacement Parts

Popular/Common Replacement Parts:

Some of the most called for parts are listed on this page. If you don't see what you need, call Customer Service 866-722-4581 or email us with part description to service@phc-online.com.

Serial Numbers:
Some parts orders require product serial number. Always look for the Invacare logo and S/N on the product.
You can determine the mfg date on your Invacare product by examining the serial number:
  1. First 2 digits represent year manufactured (09=2009)
  2. The next letter (alpha character) is for month (A=Jan. B=Feb C=Mar.....L=Dec)

Bath Products:

9630 Bedside Commode:
Before Apr 15, 2013: Invacare All-In-One Commode 9630 Parts
After Apr 15, 2013: Invacare All-In-One Commode 9630 Parts

Bath Lift:
Rio Bath Lift H605: Invacare Rio Bath Lift Parts

Mariner Chair:
Mariner Rehab Chair 6895,6795,6891: Invacare Mariner Shower Commode Rehab Chair, Parts

Bed Parts:

Parts for 5410IVC, 540IVC Full Electric Bed
Parts for G-Series 5510 Full Electric Bed
Parts for BAR600IVC, Bariatric Full Electric Bed
Parts for BAR750IVC, Bariatric Full Electric Bed

Bed Ends: Invacare Universal Bed Ends - Each
Bed Extender to 84" model 5143: Invacare Bed Extender Kit for IVC Beds
Hand Pendant for 5410 Beds: Invacare Hand Pendant for Full-Electric Hospital Beds
Hand Pendant for Semi 5310 Beds: Invacare Hand Pendant for Semi-Elecitrc Hospital Beds
BAR750 Bariatric Beds: Invacare BAR750 Parts

microAIR Mattress Parts:

Invacare microAIR Mattress MA Series Parts

Invacare Patient Lifts:

Chains for 2-point slings: Invacare Sling Chains
Straps for 2-point slings: Invacare Sling Straps

Linak Battery Pack:
Invacare Rechargeable Battery Pack, Linak
Invacare Jasmine Rechargeable Battery Pack, Linak

Linak Battery Charger: Invacare Linak Power Lift Parts

9805 Lift:
Invacare 9805 Patient Lift Complete Parts
Invacare Hydraulic Pump
Locking Caster Kit for Reliant, 9805 and GHS350 Patient Lifts

Reliant 450 Lifts: Invacare RPL/RPA 450-1 and RHL/RHA 450-1 Parts
RPS350 Stand-Assist: Invacare RPS350-1 & RPS350-2 Replacement Parts
GHS350: Get-U-Up GHS350 Replacement Parts
Reliant RPL600 Lift: Reliant 600 RPL600 Replacement Parts
Reliant RPS440 Lift: Reliant 440 Replacement Parts

Hand Control/Pendant for Power Base Lifts: Invacare Hand Control for Power Base Lifts

Digital Scale RLS6: Invacare Digital Scale & Bracket

Respiratory/Oxygen Parts:

XPO2 Oxygen Concentrator Replacement Parts
Platinum Mobile Concentrator POC1-100B Parts

SOLO2 Transportable Concentrator Parts
Invacare Perfecto 2 Filters
Invacare Platinum 5LX Concentrator Replacement Filters
Invacare HomeFill Parts

Invacare Rollite Rollator Parts, 65100, 68100
Invacare Rollator parts for 65410
Invacare Rollator parts for 65550
Invacare Rollator parts for 65510, P429

Common Wheelchair Parts:
Invacare T93HA & T93HC Swingaway Footrest
Invacare T93AA & T93AC Swingaway Footrest

Invacare ELR - Hemi Elevating Legrest, T94HC, T94HA
Invacare ELR - Elevating Legrest, T94AA, T94AC

Invacare 24" Replacement Wheel w/Handrim

Parts for discontinued AT'M Power Chair:
AT'M Replacement Front Caster Wheels, pair
AT'M Replacement Rear Wheels, Flat Free 1141778

Can't find your part? Send email with part description to service@phc-online.com

Provide the information from the Manufacturers tag located on the frame.
  • model name
  • model #
  • serial number
  • description of part

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