Quick-Guide for Halo Safety Ring 77301 & 77302
Attaching the Halo to your Hospital Bed

Halo Safety Ring Installation Instructions

This guide is for mounting models:
  • 77301 Single Side Mount
  • 77302 Double Side Mount

Product Number 77302 comes with same items as Product Number 77301 except one extra Halo Safety Ring Circle. The Single Side Halo uses the same mounting hardware as the Double Sided Halo. The crossbrace and turnbuckle are used for both installation kits.

Parts included:

1 1 or 2 Halo Safety Ring Circle
2 2 Halo Safety Ring C/Channel Circle Mounting Brackets
3 1 Halo Safety Ring, Straight Tube with Width Adjusting Holes
4 2 Halo Safety Ring, Contoured Tubes
5 2 Telescoping Connector Spring Clip
6 2 Rubber Tube Separator
7 2 Screw - M8 x 1.25 x 55mm, SHCS, Zinc
8 2 M8 Split Washer, Zinc
9 2 Screw - M5 x .8 x 14mm, SHCS, Zinc
10 2 M5 Split Washer, Zinc
11 4 Screw - M8 x 1.25 x 40mm, SHCS, Zinc, Nail-Like Tip
12 4 Screw - M8 x 1.25 x 65mm, SHCS, Zinc (Not Shown)
13 1 6mm T Shape Allen Wrench (Not Shown)
14 1 3mm L Shape Allen Wrench (Not Shown)

Halo mounting hardware

Step 1

Raise the Head Portion of the bed up. Attach item 4 to item 2 using items 9 and 10, establishing the closest width to bed ratio.

Note: Do not extend the length of Items 4 and 2 any further then the outside of the bed width.

WIDTH A = 34" < 36"
WIDTH B = 36" < 38"
WIDTH C = 38" < 40"
WIDTH D = 40" < 42"
WIDTH E = 42" < 44"

Installation Step 1

Step 2

Lower the Head Portion of the bed leaving Items 4 and 2 tightened together and in place above the crease of the head potion of the bed, about 6 to 12 inches.

Attach (1) Item 2 to Item 4 using Items 7 and 8, do not fully tighten. Place the first Item 2 over the side of the bed that raises the head up and down.

Installation Step 2

Step 3

Repeat this process again on the opposite side of the bed. Tighten Item 7 on both sides of the bed evenly.

Note: The Halo Safety Ring moves up and down with the head portion that raises the head up and down. It does not connect to the main frame.

Installation Step 3

Step 4

Once the Halo Safety Ring Bracket system is safely installed, attach Item 11 to Item 2 on each side of the bed. Tighten Item 11 so it digs into the bed frame to secure the Halo Safety Ring system into place.

Note: If the bed has an L-shapped steel frame, use Item 12 instead of Item 11.

Installation Step 4

You are now ready to install the Halo Safety Ring into the Circle Mounting Brackets.

Note: Based on whatever unit is purchased you would need to repeat the installation process of the Halo Safety Ring if you purchased a Halo Safety Ring Double Sided Circle Unit.

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