Quick-Guide for Halo Safety Ring 77121 ALC
Attaching the Halo to a Standard Home Bed with a metal frame.

Halo Safety Ring Non-Hospital Bed Installation

This guide is for mounting model:
  • 77121 Double Side Mount

Product Number 77121 also carries the ALC designation, the abbreviation for Assisted Living Center. It is designed for standard home beds with a metal frame that holds the bed's box-spring in place. The mounting hardware must attach to this metal frame.

Parts included:
1 - Halo ALC Hardware Kit
2 - Halo ALC Circles with Telescoping Connectors with Bolt Attached
2 - Halo ALC Frame Mounting Bracket
2 - Halo ALC Threaded Tube Connectors with Bolt Attached
2 - Halo ALC Floor Plates
2 - Halo ALC width extenders

Included in each hardware kit:
1 - Adjustable Turnbuckle
1 - Zinc Plated 8 Tension Bar
4 - 5/16 Zinc Plated Bolts
8 - 5/16 Zinc Plated Washers
4 - 5/16 Zinc Lock Washers
4 - 5/16 Zinc Nuts
2 - Extra Telescoping Tube Connector Pins

Tools required for assembly:
9/16 Open-End Wrench (for use on the turnbuckle)
Closed-End Wrench (for use on the bolt head)
Extension Socket with Ratchet Wrench (for use on the nuts)
6 Needle Nose Pliers (for use on the telescoping tube connector pins)
6 or 9 Flat Blade Long Screwdriver (for use on the telescoping tube connector pins)

The lowest the bedframe can be from the floor is 5.5".
77121 Components

Installation Steps:

Step 1:
Remove mattress & box spring from your bed before beginning installation.

Step 2:
Remove bed rails & all bed rail mounting brackets prior to installation of the Halo Safety Ring.

Step 3:
Assemble the sides of the Halo ALC (L frame mounting bracket, threaded tube connector, and floor plate). Directions outlined in assembly instructions.

Step 4:
Lift the frame of the bed off the ground and angle the L frame mounting bracket (which is assembled together with the threaded tube connector and floor plate) so the bracket lip is secured to the L frame of the bed.

Step 5:
Slide width extender over the L frame bracket - which has two holes drilled into the end of the bracket 1 apart.

Step 6:
Follow the above steps for the other side of the bed. Once both sides of the Halo ALC are mounted to the frame, adjust the width extenders for the appropriate width of the bed. (The difference between the width of a twin bed and that of a queen bed).

Step 7:
Loosen the Turnbuckle evenly on both sides so that there is at least a 1 of thread showing on each side of the turnbuckle.

Step 8:
Take 1 bolt and washer and put over the top of the circle portion of the threaded part of the turnbuckle. Place it through the first hole of the width extender and tension bar on one side of the bed. Place the opposite end of the turnbuckle onto the other width extender hole with a washer and bolt through the top of the turnbuckle.

Step 9:
Loosen the Turnbuckle evenly on both sides so that there is at least a 1 of thread showing on each side of the turnbuckle.

Step 10:
Apply another washer, lock washer, and nut. Loosely tighten until after the turnbuckle, tension bar, and hardware have been applied to both side of the width extenders.

Step 11:
With both bolts through the turnbuckle bolts and first holes of each width extender, slowly and gently tighten the turnbuckle by hand, making sure that the turnbuckle bolts do not become removed since they are not secured with nuts.

Step 12:
Tighten the turnbuckle enough so that the bolts slide through the tension bar (which is placed at the bottom of the ALC width extender).

Step 13:
Once the turnbuckle is pulled together enough to allow the tension bar to slide over the bolts that are coming through the width extenders, apply washer, lock washer and nuts.

Step 14:
Secure the turnbuckle as needed with a 9/16 open-end wrench. Secure all nuts and bolts using the appropriate socket wrench.

Step 15:
Tighten and secure all pieces as needed in order to confirm the base of the Halo ALC is stable.

Step 16:
Put your bed back together. Place the box spring and mattress onto the frame of the bed.

Step 17:
Insert the Halo ALC Circle onto the L frame mounting brackets that are sticking up on either side of your bed. With your thumb and middle finger, squeeze the telescoping tube connector pins into place. Slide the Halo ALC Circle over the rubber bracket spacer and lock it into the first hole position.

Step 18:
The base of the Halo Circle must line up with the top edge of the mattress. If adjustments are needed - take the two extra telescoping connector pins (included in the Halo ALC hardware kit) and place the pins into the hole that fits best to make the lowest part of the circle line up with the top of the mattress.

Step 19:
Use a needle nose pliers or flat blade long screwdriver to assist you when putting in the additional telescoping tube connector pins.

Your Halo Safety Ring is now installed and ready for use!

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