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Hoyer Lift Sling Guide

Hoyer Slings

Matching the appropriate sling to your lift is essential to optimizing patient comfort while performing painless, efficient transfers.

Hoyer 4-Point Slings

These are universal slings that will work on any brand Patient Lift. Lifts using chains should shop slings without straps. Patient Lifts without chains select from slings with straps.

Used with HML400, C-CB-L2, C-HLA-2, HPL600, HPL402, and P-CHLA-2

U-Sling, paddedU-Sling, padded with head supportOne-Piece Sling with positioning strapOne-Piece Commode Sling with positioning strapBath Sling, nylon mesh with head supportBath Sling, nylon mesh
Durable, polyester with closed-cell foam padding for comfort. Durable, polyester with closed-cell foam padding for comfort and head support. Provides easy position adjustment of patient. Durable, polyester with closed-cell foam padding for comfort. Aperture for toileting without removing sling. Durable, polyester with closed-cell foam padding for comfort. Fast draining and drying nylon mesh for bathing with head support. Fast draining and drying nylon mesh for bathing.
Hoyer U-SlingHoyer U-Sling with HeadrestHoyer one-piece SlingHoyer Sling w/Commode openingHoyer Bath Sling w/Head SupportHoyer Bath Sling
70000 X-Large70010 X-Large70051 Large70056 Large50025 Large50020 X-Large
70001 Large70011 Large70052 Medium70057 Medium50026 Medium50021 Large
70002 Medium70012 Medium70053 Small70058 Small50027 Small50022 Medium
70003 Small70013 Small

50023 Small

Hoyer 2-Point Slings

Used with C-HLA, HML400, C-CB-L2, C-HLA-2(T), HPL402, and P-CHLA-2

Two-piece commodeComfort seat with head supportMid-Back seatSplit Commode Mid-Back seat


Hoyer Professional Slings


Quick Fit Deluxe SlingQuick Fit Padded SlingAccess SlingFull Back Sling
Hoyer Quick Fit Deluxe SlingHoyer Quick Fit Padded SlingHoyer Padded Access SlingHoyer Quick Fit Sling w/Back Support
Additional material in seat area provides a more comfortable and supportive lift without the need for side suspenders. Mesh.An easy-to-fit general purpose sling. Mesh with padding in leg area.Facilitates access for toileting and easy removal of clothing. Padded for comfort.Contoured sling with integrated head support and leg padding offers greater comfort and negates the need for side suspenders.

NA1058 X-LargeNA1008P X-LargeNA1608 X-LargeNA1071 X-Large
NA1056 LargeNA1006P LargeNA1606 LargeNA1070 Large
NA1053 MediumNA1003P MediumNA1603 MediumNA1069 Medium
NA1050 SmallNA1000P SmallNA1601 SmallNA1068 Small
NA1048 X-SmallNA1002P X-SmallNA1600 X-SmallNA1067 X-Small

Bariatric Slings

Quick Fit Baraitric Full Back Bariatric
Hoyer Quick Fit Bariatric SlingHoyer Bariatric Full Back Sling
Bariatric Sizes, 850-lb weight capacity. Quick Fit Style.Bariatric Sizes, 850-lb weight capacity. Full Back support.

NA1012 X-LargeNA1075 X-Large
NA1011P LargeNA1074 Large
NA1010P MediumNA1073 Medium
NA1009P SmallNA1072 Small

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