Flex-a-Bed Bed Rails
Bed Rail Instructions for Flex-a-Bed Adjustable Beds

Deluxe rails require a wooden back on the box-spring section. Attaches to underside of base with Lag Bolts.

Mounting Instructions:


Flip the bed over, upside-down. Make sure the mattress is underneath the bed.
Bed upside down
The bed pictured is a Full-size Flex-a-bed Hi/Lo model. It's fairly heavy and will require 2 people to turn it over.


With the bed upside down you can see where the rails mount.
Rail location
These rails are being mounted at the HEAD of the bed. Make sure the rails point to the foot of the bed.

3 On this Flex-a-bed, we'll mount the rails so that the edge of the bracket is 10" from the edge of the bed.
How to measure

4 Here's a close up of where we position the rail for mounting. This Flex-a-bed requires 10" spacing from edge.
at least 10 inches from edge

5 Use the supplied wood bolts (lag bolts) to attach the rails to the back of the bed. These rails work similarly on any bed with a wooden back.
Use lag-bolts

6 This Flex-a-bed uses a "mattress retainer" to keep the mattress in place.
Mount Mattress Retainer
While the bed is upside down you can see the stud bolts for mounting the mattress retainer - so we'll put it on before we flip the bed over.
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