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Hoyer Advance Specifications


The Hoyer Advance Patient Lift is suitable for the following CATEGORIES of lift within the working parameters of the lifts specified in the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS.
Category A - Wheelchair
Category B - Bed
Category C - Bath (dependent upon setting)
Category D - Toilet/Shower Chair
Category E - Floor
Category F - 90 degree Rotation

The Hoyer Advance is suitable for patients in the SITTING, SITTING/RECUMBENT and RECUMBENT positions. The slings suitable for this device are listed as follows:
Hoyer Quick fit sling
Hoyer Full back sling
Hoyer Quick fit deluxe sling
Hoyer Long seat sling
Hoyer Access sling

Product Weight:Mast, Base, & Boom Assembly 64 lbs.
Power Pack 5 lbs.
Mast & Boom Assembly (not incl. battery) 31lbs.
Base (not incl. battery) 33 lbs.
Total (w/battery) 69 lbs
Product Length/Depth:maximum 4' 3"
minimum 4' 1"
Product Height:maximum 6'
minimum 4' 5"
Spreader Bar Minimum height:15.5" allows for lifting from floor
Spreader Bar Maximum height:66.5"
Ship Method(s):Ground
Product Weight Capacity:341 lbs.
Shipping Weight:Hydraulic Unit: 86 lbs./Power Unit: 92 lbs.
Folded DimensionsHeight 18.5"
Depth 49.2"
Width 21.7"
Batteries (power only)2 x 12 volt rechargeable sealed lead acid type
Battery Capacity (power only)3.2 ampere hours
Charger Rated Input (power only)100/240Vac 50/60Hz
Charger Rated Output (power only)29.5 VDC, Max 19W
Electrical Shock Protection - (power only)Charger - Class II
Lift - Internal Power Source
Degree of Shock Protection - (power only)Charger - Type B
Lift - Type B
Spreader Bar DimensionsMax. Height 5' 4.5"
Min Usable Height 1' 3"
Height @ Max Reach 3' 9"
Reach @ Max Height 2' 4"
Reach @ Min Height 1' 7"
Max. Reach 2' 9"
Turning Radius 3' 5"
Leg DimensionsOpen External Width 42.5"
Open Internal Width 39.5"
Closed External Width 26.4"
Closed Internal Width 22.4"
Overall Height of Legs 4.5"
Front Twin Casters3.3"
Rear Braked Casters4"
Clearance under bed (leg height)4.7"

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