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Zero-Gravity Lift Chairs

Take pressure off your heart and increase your body's circulation.

Zero Gravity reduces the stress on your spine. The Zero Gravity position allows the feet to raise to the same level as your heart and the strain of gravity on the vertebrae is reduced, relieving the discomfort of back pain.

Zero Gravity Lift Chairs are also Infinite Positioning. All positions from upright to full recline are supported allowing you to find the perfect position for comfort and pain relief. The Zero Gravity Lift Chair has the added benefit of improving circulation, so your heart can work less and you can relax more.

The ottoman has it's own motor and control switch for independent positioning. This allows the user to raise legs while sitting straight up, or in any recline position. Separate buttons operate the recliner positioning and the Stand-up Lift Mechanism. Adding Heat/Massage to any Lift Chair requires additional switches on the hand pendant.

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Pride LC-525i Lift Chair Recliner LC-525i Infinite-Position

FDA Class II Medical Device*
Infinite positioning and Zero-Gravity for maximum flexibility and comfort. Optional heat & massage, more accessories.

  • 4 Sizes
  • 375 lbs. Capacity

Your Price: $1,409.00
Golden Lift Chair Recliner PR535 PR535 MaxiComfort Lift Chair

Zero-Gravity, Infinite positioning Lift Chair. Golden Technologies' best seller. Available in 5 seat sizes.

  • Petite/Small: 20"W x 19"D
  • Med: 20"W x 19"D
  • Large: 22"W x 21"D
  • Medium X-Wide: 27"W x 20"D
  • Tall: 22"W x 21"D

Your Price: $1,579.00
MaxiComfort PR766 MaxiComfort Relaxer PR766 Infinte Position

Golden Relaxer Lift Chair. Zero-Gravity Chair. Golden Technologies Relaxer Infinite-Position Lift Chair has independent head and foot controls.

  • 20"W x 21"D seat
  • 20.5" Seat-to-floor
  • 375 lbs. Capacity

Your Price: $1,729.00
Golden Technologies Cloud model PR-510 MaxiComfort Cloud PR510 Infinite Position

Cloud Lift Chair offers both Zero-Gravity and Infinite-Positioning. Overstuffed back cushions, 2 sizes available:

  • 18.5"W x 19.5"D, 19" Seat-to-floor
  • 20"W x 21.5"D, 20" Seat-to-floor
  • 375 lbs. Capacity

Your Price: $1,789.00
Pride LC-580i Oasis Oasis LC-580i Infinite-Position

FDA Class II Medical Device*
Zero-Gravity, Infinite Positioning, and Trendelenburg for maximum comfort. Optional Deluxe Heat & Massage.

  • 20"W x 20"D, Seat-to-floor 20"
  • 22"W x 22"D, Seat-to-floor 21"
  • 375 lbs. Capacity.

Your Price: $1,789.00
Golden Technologies PR-630 Lift Chair MaxiComfort DayDreamer PowerPillow PR632

Would you rather sit in a Chevette or the bucket seat in a Lexus? The Powered Pillow on the Daydreamer can be adjusted for maximum comfort. Infinite Positioning, Zero-Gravity & Trendelenburg. Independent head, foot, and head pillow controls.

  • 22.5"W x 20.5"D
  • 20" Seat-to-floor
  • 375 lbs. Capacity

Your Price: $1,999.00
Golden Technologies Cloud Twilight MaxiComfort MaxiComfort Cloud PR515 with Twilight

MaxiComfort Cloud Twilight is a 3-motor comfort system with both Zero-Gravity and Infinite-Positioning. Twilight positioning helps reduce spinal muscle fatigue.

  • 20"W x 21"D Seat
  • 20.5" Seat-to-floor
  • 375 lbs. Capacity

Your Price: $2,419.00
How Zero Gravity Chairs Work

Zero-Gravity Lift Chairs

Zero-Gravity, Infinite Positioning Lift Chairs from Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies. Zero-Gravity Lift Chairs offer greater seating flexibility with independent back and footrest control through the use of several switches on the hand-pendant. Zero-Gravity Lift Chairs offer the added benefit of improved circulation.

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