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Removable Wheelchair & Scooter Ramps

Temporary handicap wheelchair ramps and mobility scooter ramps are indispensable at locations where a permanent ramp is not feasible, and we have a variety of removable wheelchair ramps to choose from. They include:
  • Single-fold ramps
  • Tri-fold ramps
  • Pathway or Gateway ramps
  • Threshold ramps
The size of the rise you'll be ascending will determine the kind and length of ramp best suited to your requirements. Folding wheelchair access ramps make handling and transport easy. They're made from lightweight yet strong aluminum and have non-slip surfaces for security and safety when being used. You'll find that the portable wheelchair ramps for sale here carry significant discounts from suggested retail prices, and they all have the cost of shipping included. We're confident we offer the best wheelchair/scooter ramps at the best prices.

If you are not sure what length ramp to get see the Ramp Length Chart


More on Wheelchair and Scooter Ramps:

Both Single and Tri-fold ramps are economical and portable, and can be carried by the handle.

Each ramp product page contains a link to a guide for selecting the correct ramp length. Ramp length vs. height can easily be mistaken. Please take some quick measurements with your tape measure. You must know the height you wish to attain, then look up that height to see what various lengths will be in terms of degrees. Don't make it so short that you've got too steep an angle. You want to be able to climb it smoothly. See the Ramp Length Chart


1. Determine the incline that your chair is designed to climb.

2. Measure the distance from the top step/landing to the ground (RISE).

CAUTION! At any incline, use ramp only with a qualified helper.

CAUTION! Refer to your equipment's (wheelchair or scooter) User Guide for exact recommendations concerning acceptable usage and incline/decline

Do you have room available for a ramp?
In general, you'll need 1-foot or ramp for every 1-inch of rise. Unfortunately ramp lengths can exceed the available space required for longer ramps. A simple 6-inch rise will require a 6-foot long ramp. So if you are going to ramp a 12-inch rise, space can be an issue, especially indoors.

Know your limitations:

Knowing your limitations and understanding what is safe and what is not are key to getting a ramp that you can manage. Even two steps as pictured above will require a fairly long ramp if you are going to push a manual wheelchair up it with someone sitting in it. Scooters and power wheelchairs will require the climbing capability and you don't want so great an angle at top that you get stuck at the center point with the drive wheels off the ground, else you'll be stuck.

See the Ramp Length Chart