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Cushions & Backs

Wheelchair Cushions, Backrests & Accessories

Cushions can be an integral part of a wheelchair for individuals needing seating and back support and specific protection against skin breakdown.

Wheelchair seat cushions and wheelchair backrest supports are vital add-ons for many wheelchair users for the comfort they provide and for their therapeutic value in ensuring proper positioning and the prevention/relief of various skin problems. We feature a wide selection of the best therapeutic seat cushions for wheelchairs in a variety of types (foam, air and gel), including many different styles, coverings and features for various specific needs. Our wheelchair cushion accessories are all top quality, from the best manufacturers in the field.

In addition to wheelchair cushions for pressure relief, we also feature several wheelchair back-support cushions to help provide proper postural support and alignment of the ever-important spine. This includes a complete selection of custom-fit cushions made to perfectly fit each individual user.

Evaluating Skin Integrity

Evaluate the individual's relative risk for skin breakdown. This can be categorized these into three risks:
  1. Low risk: No primary or secondary risk factors or some contributing risk factors.
  2. Moderate risk: No primary risk factor or a combination of secondary and/or contributing risk factors.
  3. High risk: A primary risk factor or one or more secondary risk factors in combination with a number of contributing factors.

Primary risk factors for an individual's skin

Primary Factors
  • Presence or history of skin breakdown or damage on the sitting surfaces
  • Cannot or does not perform functional weight shifts for any reason
Secondary Factors
  • Protruding bony prominences on the sitting surfaces
  • Impaired or absent sensation on the sitting surfaces
Contributing Factors
  • aging skin
  • transfer activities
  • muscle atrophy
  • orthopedic deformities
  • excessive body heat
  • incontinence or excessive sweating
  • disease (e.g. diabetes, cancer)
Forces or conditions that can lead to skin breakdown
  • Pressure, shear, friction, moisture, heat

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