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Foam Wheelchair Cushions

Foam wheelchair cushions are popular because no maintenance is required, material is light, and cost is reasonable. Foams are temperature sensitive, so cushions should not be left in areas of extreme cold. New foams with breathable properties are now being used to allow for custom-contoured cushions without the heat buildup. Use of material technologies from outside industries is now providing the seating industry with alternatives, although cost may be a significant factor.
Foam cushions have been developed over the years because foam can be easily carved and molded to create contours. With the development of viscoelastic foams, immersion of bony prominences is attainable to increase surface area. Layered foams of different densities are essential for the cushion to maintain its shape.
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Foam Wheelchair Cushion Molded 2" Foam Wheelchair Cushion

Drive Medical 14887 is a Molded Foam Wheelchair Cushion 2-inches thick.  Molded design provides maximum stabilization and positioning. Increased comfort, non-slip bottom for safety. 18"W x 16"D only.

Your Price: $39.90
Wheelchair Cushion Comfort Company - CURVE CUSHION

The Curve Cushion utilizes high-density, polyurethane, molded foam.  Comfortable cushion provides skin protection.

Your Price: $64.00
Jay Basic Wheelchair Cushion Jay Basic Cushion

Jay Basic Cushion.  A soft, mildly contoured foam cushion designed to provide stability and comfort for the person with a flexible posture at low risk for skin breakdown.

Your Price: $71.00
Absolute (Essential) Wheelchair Cushion Invacare Absolute Cushion

Invacare Absolute/Essential Cushions are made of molded highly resilient foam for users who can shift their own weight for pressure relief.

Your Price: $72.80
Contoured Visco Foam Wheelchair Cushion Express Comfort Contoured Visco

Express Contoured Visco Memory Foam Cushion. Visco surface conforms to user shape. Use in wheelchair, scooter or Power Wheelchair.

Your Price: $79.00
Single Density Wheelchair Cushion Invacare Single Density Cushion

Single Density Cushions are made of highly resilient foam for mild pressure relief. Washable cover is also breathable.

Your Price: $89.90
Foam Wheelchair Cushion with Coccyx Cutout Foam Coccyx Cutout Cushion

2" Cushion Height. Foam Wheelchair Cushion with Coccyx Cutout offers superior pressure relief and includes Solace fabric Cushion Cover cover. Coccyx cut-out for superior pressure relief in tailbone area and protects user from contacting seating surface.

Your Price: $92.00
Support Pro Wheelchair Cushion Comfort Company Support Pro Cushion

Support Pro Foam Cushion, no GEL.  Three seating versions to choose from, one of our most popular cushions.

Your Price: $98.00
Invacare Comfort-Mate Extra Cushion Invacare Comfort-Mate Extra Cushion

Comfortable, molded polyurethane foam promotes good postural position.

Your Price: $99.00
Foam Wheelchair Cushion Comfort Company - Ascent Cushion

The Ascent Cushion includes a Viscool Foam Insert. Viscool™ foam’s unique cell structure allows for protective immersion of the ischial tuberosities.

Your Price: $114.50
Matrx PS Wheelchair Cushion Invacare Matrx PS Cushion

Matrx PS Foam Cushion - Anatomically contoured shape and innovative reversible outer cover provide custom comfort for all users.

Your Price: $137.00
SpanAmerica Short-Wave Seat and Back SpanAmerica Short Wave Wheelchair Seat and Back Cushion

The Short-Wave transforms an ordinary wheelchair sling seat into a comfortable seating system. SpanAmerica Short-Wave fits 16" and 18" wheelchair.

Your Price: $149.00
Saddle Wheelchair Cushion Saddle Foam Wheelchair Cushion

Saddle Cushion without GEL.  Saddle's Foam foundation provides a natural seat.  Three seating versions to choose from. Great for preventing patient from falling/sliding forward.

Your Price: $174.50
Jay Protector Jay Protector

Jay Protector, Adult size.  The durable Jay Protector for pressure reduction on a limited basis when sitting or moving outside the wheelchair.

Your Price: $177.00
Jay Soft Combi P Cushion Jay Soft Combi P Cushion

Lightweight, soft and moderately contoured foam cushion designed for the client at low risk of skin breakdown who requires mild to moderate postural support.

Your Price: $209.00
Matrx Vi Wheelchair Cushion with Memory Foam Invacare Matrx Vi Cushion

Anatomically designed with dual-density, HR foam
layers and includes a Visco-elastic foam insert, pre-ischial contour,
trochanteric shelf and beveled front-end.

Your Price: $229.00
Jay Ion Wheelchair Cushion Jay Ion Cushion

Jay Ion Cushion. The Ion is a comfortable, convenient and anti-microbial foam cushion well suited for the client requiring moderate skin protection and positioning. Available in seat widths from 14" up to 24", 14-21" widths have 300-lb weight capacity and 22-24" widths have a 500-lb weight capacity.

Your Price: $288.00
Foam Wheelchair Cushions