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Wheelchair Cushion Primer

Learning about wheelchair cushions:
Wheelchair Cushion Types:
Foam cushion:offers support and structure for patients with a low risk for skin breakdown.
Gel cushion:reduces breakdown, heat build up and shear; usually chambered gel sections.
Air Cushion:

wound therapy, stage 2 or more pressure ulcers (ROHO).

Wheelchair Cushion Styles:

Zero elevation cushion:

provides support and structure for at low risk patients; typically utilizes a two density foam.
Wedge cushion:

offers angles seat cushion to encourage a pelvic tilt and maintains normal lumbar curve while seated.

Anti thrust cushion:for impaired mobility for those who sacral sit or slouch forward.
Saddle cushion:promotes proper leg alignment to hip rotation and pelvic obliquity.
No Lean cushion:accommodates pelvic obliquity and lateral leaning at the source.
Amputee cushion:to keep residual limb in place.
Wheelchair Cushion Features:
Round bottom:reduce hammock effect of sling seat.
Flat bottom cushion:use with solid seats.
Coccyx cutout:relieves pressure in coccyx area.
Waterfall front cushion:reduces pressure behind the knees and thighs.
Pommel:for leg abduction and easy transfer.
Wheelchair Cushion Covers:
Comfort stretch:two-ply polyester that breathes and is fluid proof. Also reduces the risk of pressure sores.
Solace:polyurethane fabric deigned for pressure relief. Fabric stretches , soft to the touch, fluid proof and easy to clean.

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