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Triple-Fold Ramps

Portable Tri-Fold Wheelchair Ramps

Tri-Fold RampsFew portable wheelchair ramps are as functional and easy to use as the tri-fold car ramps for sale here. Manufactured by EZ-Access out of strong, welded aircraft aluminum, they're lightweight yet able to handle loads of up to 800 lbs. These tri-fold wheelchair loading ramps from EZ-Access come in 5', 6', 7', 8' and 10' lengths, yet fold up into half their respective lengths and also into half their 29-inch widths. Each is covered with a top-quality, non-skid surface and can be used to provide easy access for manual/power wheelchairs and scooters.

These tri-fold aluminum wheelchair ramps can be used for loading cars, vans and pick-ups and will also provide needed access up steps and stairs. They have built-in carrying handles and include a storage bag.

If you are not sure what length ramp to get see the Ramp Length Chart



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    Tri-Fold Wheelchair Ramp
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    5-foot Tri-Fold Suitcase Ramp from EZ-ACCESS. Best solution for wheelchairs and scooters to access a vehicle or climb steps. 800-lb capacity, 29" wide.
    Tri-fold wheelchair Ramp
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    6' Tri-Fold Ramp from EZ-ACCESS. Tri-Fold Suitcase ramp is best for longer length ramps. 800-lb capacity, 29" wide.
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    7' Tri-fold wheelchair Ramp
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    7-foot Tri-Fold Ramp from EZ-ACCESS. Folds to 42" length for easy storage and transport. 800-lb capacity, 29" wide.
    Tri-fold wheelchair Ramp
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    8' Tri-Fold Suitcase Ramp. EZ-Access Tri-Fold wheelchair and scooter ramp is 29" wide and 800-lb weight capacity.
    Tri-fold wheelchair Ramp
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    10' Tri-Fold Ramp from EZ-ACCESS. Tri-Fold Suitcase style ramp is best for longer length ramps like this 10 foot wheelchair ramps. 800-lb weight capacity, 29" wide.
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    Top Lip Extension for Ramp
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    TLE: Top Lip Extension for EZ Access Ramps. Increase lip from 3" to 9" for better support in Vans and SUV's.
Tri-Fold Wheelchair and Scooter Ramps (Suitcase Ramps)
Longer ramp lengths (6'-10') are easier to handle and transport as a Tri-fold unit. This means the length can be folded in-half reducing the overall size by one-half.

Triple-fold ramps are economical and portable, and can be carried by the suitcase handle.

These ramps can be used for automobiles, trucks, vans, or over steps. Top of ramp has a lip to keep it in place with a smooth transition. The bottom of the ramp has 6" long lip for smooth transition.

Weight Capacities:
EZ-Access Tri-Fold Ramps have 800-lb weight capacity. Invacare Triple-Fold has 600-lb capacity.

Usable Width:
Triple-Fold Ramps have a usable width of 29". This is wide enough for Mobility Scooters, Power Wheelchairs, Manual Wheelchairs, and all Walkers and Rollators.

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