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Transport Wheelchairs

Buy Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs here. We carry the most popular brands: Invacare, Drive Medical, Nova, Quickie Breezy, Everest and Jennings, Karman.

Don't be overwhelmed by all the choices when shopping for a Transport Chair. Narrow the choices down by first deciding which category best fits your needs.

Choose a category:

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Transport Chairs/Companion Chairs allow for a "companion" to push the user. Inexperienced shoppers may assume that the heavier steel chairs are the strongest when, in fact, the lighter, aluminum-framed folding transport wheelchair models are just as strong or stronger, plus they're more durable and lighter in weight. Bariatric chairs hold 400-450 lbs. and include 12" rear wheels to make pushing convenient and even on outdoor terrain.

Chairs are shipped assembled. Free UPS Ground delivery time is 3-5 business days.


Lightweight, folding, easy to push wheelchair. Easy to store in a closet when not in use. On most Transports the back folds down so that the overall height is measured from the arm rest to floor, this allows it to fit in the smallest automobile trunks and will fit behind the front seat of a car.

Wheel Size Matters:

Pay attention to the caster wheel sizes when shopping for this product. The larger rear wheels not only work better outside over mixed terrains, but they soften the ride. The larger rear wheels also make it easier to go up/down curbs or steps.

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