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Sani Sling

Sani Toileting Sling, Available in 4 sizes

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Sani Sling, Toileting Sling

9 Reviews
Sani Sling - Universal Commode/Toileting Sling
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Sani Sling Padded Toileting Sling

Maximum functionality and patient dignity. The Sani-Sling is a universal Padded Toileting Sling that works on 4 or 6 point Patient Lifts and Stand Assist Lifts. Can be used on Stand Assist Lifts to eliminate under arm discomfort.

Quick and safe transfers, bottom is open for toileting. Eliminates the need for inferior commode opening style slings.

Deluxe padding under arms, this sling is designed with maximum functionality and dignity.

Easy to apply since the patient is not sitting on the sling. Simply lean the patient forward slightly to pull the backstrap behind their back, place the leg strap under the thigh and you are ready to lift.

Wide perineal opening allows for quick and easy clothing adjustments.

May be used with all standard loop type 4 or 6 point spreader bars. Also works with the Apex Stella Stand Assist lift.

No head support on this sling.

Sani-Slings are made for maximum functionality and patient dignity. Eliminates need for poorly designed slings with commode opening. Easy to apply and use, these slings are well padded under the arms and lumbar region for maximum comfort. The Sani-Sling also works extremely well on stand assist lifts for patients requiring lower back and body support during a sitting transfer.

Sling Sizes:

(circumference around the chest (inches):
Small, SL-TP331: Torso 26" - 42" (400-lb capacity)
Medium, SL-TP332: Torso 30" - 48" (400-lb capacity)
Large, SL-TP333: Torso 38" - 60" (400-lb capacity)
XX-Large, Bariatric, SL-TP334: Torso 58" - 73" (600-lb capacity)

Manufactured by Bestcare LLC (formerly Apex Dynamics).


Sani Toileting Sling
Sani-Sling used on standard Patient Lift

Sani-Sling on Stand Assist Lift
Sani-Sling shown on Stella Stand Assist Lift


Average Customer Review:
( 9 )
Steve Rehwinkel from Lindenhurst, IL United States
March 31, 2020
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Elizabeth Mandell-Seaver from Williamsville, VT United States
March 24, 2020
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Great Product
We began using the Sani Sling as soon as it arrived. It is a light weight design , very easy to use and appears to provide greater comfort than the sling we had been using. Shipping for this item was fast which we were very thankful for.
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Darrell Battles from Alvin, TX United States
June 8, 2017
Great sling
This is a great sling. I can use it on both of my lifts, depending on what is happening at the time. This is my second one. The last one lasted about 6 months. The first one got wash more than it should have due to a "learning curve" on my provider's part. Now we try to keep the leg straps disconnected and out of the way during actual use to prevent accidental soiling. My wife loves the new sling
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from United States
August 5, 2015
great purchase
arrived right on, good product, good price
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Marc Kessler from Eads, TN United States
May 29, 2015
Sizing not right
I got the large but it's not a large as I thought it should be.
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