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VIP-515 Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair

VIP-515 Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair

VIP-515 Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair - Image 1 of 0
VIP-515 Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair - Image 2 of 0
VIP-515 Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair - Image 3 of 0
VIP-515 Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair - Image 1 of 0
VIP-515 Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair - Image 2 of 0
VIP-515 Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair - Image 3 of 0
VIP-515 Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair - Image 4 of 0
VIP-515 Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair - Image 1 of 0
VIP-515 Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair - Image 2 of 0
VIP-515 Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair - Image 3 of 0
VIP-515 Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair - Image 4 of 0
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VIP-515 Tilt-in-Space

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VIP-515 Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair
Center-of-Gravity Tilt provides improved weight/pressure distribution.

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Karman VIP-515 Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair

Here is a chair that meets your Tilt-in-Space requirements with the added benefit of being a folding chair that can easily be transported.

Tilt-in-Space is designed to reduce pressure points by shifting patient weight. Tilt angle can be adjusted throughout the day for better pressure management, improved circulation, and increased sitting tolerance.

The Karman VIP-515 Tilt-in-Space chair incorporates features not found on competing tilt chairs. The VIP-515 is built around a lightweight folding frame with 0-35 degrees center-of-gravity tilt capability, lightweight removable seating upholstery, choice of 14" rear transport wheels or 20" self-propel wheels, and full-length adjustable-height flip-back armrests.

Center-of-Gravity Tilt:
Keeping the patient center of gravity almost perfectly stationary throughout the 35 degrees tilt range allows for a more compact wheelbase without effecting stability. Tilting the chair is easy with the operator controlled hand-lever. Since the tilt function is aided by the perfectly matched gas cylinders, patient weight is not a factor in the tilting process.

Full seating:
But there is more to the VIP-515 than a center of gravity tilt system. The removable seat and back upholstery are treated with anti-bacterial, anti-staining agents, and includes a padded, contoured headrest for increased comfort. Seat to top of back is 34" (18" back + 16" head extension) head section is also removable.

Folding Chair:
Upholstery is easily removed, the back section folds down, and the chair folds up for storage or transport. Watch the video below for a complete demonstration.

Lightweight design:
Frame is constructed of lightweight 6061 T-6 Aircraft-grade Aluminum. The aluminum frame uses a paint coating with special Anti-bacterial materials for patient and caregiver safety.

Advantages of Tilt-in-Space over Recliner Wheelchair:
In addition to the weight shifting capabilities of the tilting chair, the tilt-in-space positioning allows the patient to maintain eye contact with others or even watch TV. With a simple recliner wheelchair, the patient ends up looking at the ceiling most of the day and decreases social activities. The Tilt feature provides a shift in position for individuals who cannot maintain pelvic, trunk, head position, and/or balance against gravity for prolonged periods of time. In addition, the tilt positioning will prevent the patient from slumping forward or collapsing where individuals are at risk for respiratory complications. Patients suffering from fixed hip joint contractures or postural hypotension will benefit from the Tilt-in-Space wheelchair as well.

The VIP-515 Tilt-in-Space chair includes:
  • 0-35 degrees Tilt-in-Space
  • Anti-Tippers.
  • Removable seat, back and headrest.
  • Seat belt.
  • Swing-away footrest, optional elevating legrests are available.
  • Height adjustable, flip-back padded armrests.
  • 14" (transport) or 20" (self-propel) rear wheels.
  • 0-35 degrees of tilt available
  • Center-of-gravity remains consistent throughout tilt range
  • Includes seat belt
  • Available with 16" or 18" seat widths
  • Available with17" or 18" seat depth
  • Folding frame includes fold-down back
  • Head section of backrest is removable
  • Removable seat and back includes ergonomic head pillow
  • 14" Transport Wheels or 20" Self-propel wheels
  • Flip-Back, full-length arms are height adjustable for increased patient comfort
  • Operator controlled brake system for rear wheels
More benefits of the Tilt-in-Space system:
  • Provide greater pressure relief
  • Increased blood flow
  • Increased head and trunk control
  • Increased positioning for function and access
  • Easier transfers
  • Improved sleep and rest
  • Increased vestibular stimulation
  • Minimize fluctuations in muscle tone
  • Improve feeding
  • Improve respiratory function
  • Increase visual field
  • Regulate blood pressure

Specifications: use the Technical Specs Tab above.


PDFVIP-515 Brochure

Additional images:
VIP-515 Transport

VIP-515 Self-Propel
Seat Width:16" or 18"
Seat Depth:16", optional 18" depth
Back Height:18"+ 16" head extension = 34" total
Tilt in Space:Tilt range of 0 degrees to 35 degrees
Armrest height:8.5" - 10.5"
Folded Width:13"
Overall Width:24", 26"
Chair Weight:Transport=34 lbs; Self-Propel=38 lbs.
6061 T-6 Aircraft-grade Aluminum
Weight capacity:
250 lbs.
Warranty:Lifetime limited warranty


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Barbara Wilson from Santa Barbara, CA United States
July 20, 2021
Five star product
PCH. Could not provide the chair in the quoted time. Two weeks later😥🤦🏻‍♀️

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