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Tall Wheelchair Back

Tall Back Wheelchair Back

Comfort Company Rigid Tall Back 420T

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Tall Wheelchair Back
Comfort Company #420T

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Product Code: Tall-Back-420T
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Rigid Tall Wheelchair Back

Back model 420T

Designed for the user who requires a solid reclining back along with extra head and neck support.

  1. 16"W, 420TA
  2. 18"W, 420TB
  3. 20"W, 420TC
  4. 22"W, 420TD

Cushion Cover
The Tall Back comes standard with a Solace® fabric cover, which is designed for pressure relief and comfort. The fabric’s multi-dimensional stretch alleviates pressure on bony prominences. Soft to the touch, Solace® is fluid-proof and is easily cleaned with detergent.

Product Description Model W” x H” WC size
Tall Back
420TA15” x 34” 16”
420TB 17” x 34” 18” 18"
420TC 19” x 34” 20” 20"
420TD 21” x 34” 22” 22"

Product Features

  • Moldable stays provide extra lumbar and back support when needed (Rigid Back is not Moldable)
  • High resiliency foam comfortably contours to the user’s anatomy
  • All models recline 30 degrees and provide elbow padding on vertical canes
  • Fully adjustable for angle and height
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 450 lb. weight capacity - *Note: Wheelchair must have anti-tip bars for all IncrediBack Models


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