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IncrediHugger Wheelchair Back, model 415T

IncrediHugger Wheelchair Back, Comfort Company

Comfort Company IncrediHugger Moldable Tall 415T

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IncrediHugger-Tall Wheelchair Back
Comfort Company Moldable #415T
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Product Code: IncrediHugger-415T
  • HCPCS Code:: E2613/E2614
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IncrediHugger Moldable Tall Wheelchair Back

While providing the same moldability as the IncrediBack, the IncrediHugger gives the user additional lateral support. The firm lateral wings discourage lateral and forward leaning by providing support, pressure relief, and comfort for users with mild instability or structural deviations of the trunk. The IncrediHugger is easily installed and may be reclined up to 30 degrees.

Cushion Cover
Solace fabric—designed for pressure relief and comfort. The fabric’s multi-dimensional stretch alleviates pressure on boney prominences. Soft to the touch, the anti-microbial fabric is fluid-proof and easily cleaned.

Product Description Model W” x H” WC size
IncrediHuggerMoldable/Tall 415TA 15” x 34” 16”
415TB 17” x 34” 18”
415TC 19” x 34” 20”
415TD 21” x 34” 22”

  • Dual density high resiliency foam comfortably contours to the user’s anatomy
  • Firm foam lateral supports help with positioning by discouraging lateral and forward leaning through cognitive cues
  • Easy installation and adjustments
  • Folds with chair
  • Reclines up to 30 degrees and is fully adjustable for angle and height
  • Solace cover cleans easily
  • 250 lb. weight capacity
  • All models fold with wheelchair
  • Moldable stays provide extra lumbar and back support when needed


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