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Tall Leg Extensions (Set of 4 Legs), model 6275

Tall Leg Extensions for 6291 and 6281 Walkers, Invacare 6275

Invacare Tall Leg Extensions (Set of 4 Legs), 6275

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Tall Leg Extensions (Set of 4 Legs)
Invacare 6275
Product Code: Inv-6275
  • HCPCS Code:: E0158
Invacare Tall Leg Extensions for Walkers
model 6277

Increase height adjustment: Adult: 33" - 40" Junior: 28" - 35"

Ideal for taller users and can accommodate user up to 6'6" height.

5-year warranty.
  • Add Fixed or Swivel Wheel Attachments to the front legs of a standard walker and Sure Glide Tips or Leg Extensions to the rear legs
  • Our adjustable accessories provide maximum flexibility and help improve maneuverability and use.
  • Users gain increased flexibility and can perform their daily activities with less effort.
  • Wheel attachments help people walk naturally with fewer steps.


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