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TENS Unit Kit

Deluxe T.E.N.S., Tens Unit Kit

Deluxe Dual Channel TENS Unit AGF-3X

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Deluxe T.E.N.S. Unit
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Deluxe Dual Channel TENS #AGF-3X

TENS Unit Kit includes carrying case, 2 lead wires with deluxe connector, 9-volt battery, 1 package of 4 pre-gelled electrodes and operating manual.

The AGF-3X TENS is a battery operated pulse generator that sends electrical impulses electrodes to the body and reach the nerves causing pain. The device is provided with two controllable output channels, each independent of each other. An electrode pair can be connected to each output channel.

The electronics of the AGF-3X TENS create electrical impulses whose Intensity, duration, number per second and modulation may be altered with the controls or switches. Dial controls are very easy to use and the panel cover connected with device prevents accidental changes in the setting.

Pulse Duration:
Wider pulse duration settings will deliver stronger stimulation for any given intensity setting. Asmentioned in the Controls section, by using a combination of intensity and pulse duration, it is felt that various pulse widths are capable of stimulating different groups of nerve fibres. The choice of which pulse duration to use is partially dependent upon the Treatment Mode and Protocol selected (refer to the appropriate section).

Pulse Rate:
The Pulse Rate (hertz or pulses per second) chosen depends greatly upon the type of electrode placement given to the patient. When using contiguous and dermatome electrode placements (i.e. stimulating directly through the area of pain or localized enervation), a quick pulse rate (setting greater than 80Hz on the Pulse Rate Control) is desired. The patient should not perceive individual pulses but rather have the sensation of steady continuous stimulation.

Treatment Modes:
Normal or Conventional TENS offers the practitioners complete control over all the various treatment parameters of the instrument.

Burst Mode is analogous to the Low Rate TENS technique except the low frequency individual pulses are replaced by individual “bursts” of 7-10individual pulses. It is thus a combination of Conventional TENS and Low Rate TENS. In Burst Mode, the treatment frequency is fixed by the instrument and is not adjustable with the Frequency Rate control.

Modulated Mode attempts to prevent nerve accommodation by continuously cycling the treatment intensity. When using Modulated Mode increase the intensity only when the unit is at the maximum intensity of the modulation cycle. If the intensity is increased during a lowintensity period of the cycle, the patient may turn up the control very slowly, so that they may feel the intensity any higher.

Time Duration:
The onset of pain relief should occur shortly after the intensity setting has been determined. However, in some cases, pain relief may take as long as 30 minutes to achieve. TENS units are typically operated for long periods of time, with a minimum of 20 – 30 minutes and in some post-operation protocols, as long as 36 hours. In general, pain relief will diminish within 30 minutes of the cessation of stimulation.

Modulation Mode:
Pulse rate is automatically varied in a cyclic pattern over an interval of nominally 10 seconds.(in max 150Hz) Pulse rate decreases linearly over a period of 4 seconds from the control setting value to a value which is 40% less. The lower pulse rate will continue for 1second. Then increase linearly over a 4 seconds period to its original value. The original pulse rate will continue for 1 second. The cycle is then repeated

Burst Mode:
Bursts occur twice very second. Pulse width(adjustable), frequency = 100 Hz

3 year limited warranty.
  • Adjustable 0-80 mA, 500 ohm load.
  • Pulse frequency adjustable 2 -150 Hz.
  • Pulse width is adjustable from 30-260 micro-seconds.
  • Voltage is 0-34V
  • Wave form: asymmetrical, bi-phase, square pulse.
  • Horizontal design provides an improved ergonomic fit on belt.
  • Modulation selector offers wave delivery in Normal, Burst or Modulation modes.
  • New and improved lead wire connector will not disengage from TENS unit.
  • Plastic belt clip.
  • Easy and convenient "Flip Down" control panel and battery cover reduces cover loss or damage.
  • Comes complete with carrying case, 2 lead wires with deluxeconnector, 9-volt battery, 1 package of 4 pre-gelled electrodes andoperating manual.
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Dual isolated channels.


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