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Swimming Pool Lifts for the Disabled

Swimming is great exercise, especially for those with limited mobility on dry land, with the main challenge being easy entry/exit from the water. Here at PHC-Online, we feature a nice selection of swimming pool lifts for disabled persons, both manually and electrically powered, at a variety of price points, all of which are currently offered at significant discounts from the list prices. Whether you're looking for a pool lift or for spa lifts, you should be able to find what you need here.

Our most economically priced unit, the Hoyer Classic model SS-HSP, is a complete kit that includes an in-ground swivel mount with an optional surface mount for attachment to already existing decks. This is a manual, hydraulically operated handicap pool lift that requires an assistant to operate. It's especially useful as a pool chair lift for home use. We also carry a complete line of Aqua Creek brand ADA pool lift models for use in both commercial and residential applications.

Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Lifts

About Swimming Pool Lifts

Providing Pool Access:
Pool Lifts are easy to use and allow affordable, reliable aquatic access to everyone.

We offer economical manual Lifts with Hydraulic Pumps that can safely lift up to 400-lbs and are ideal for homecare use.

Manually Operated Lifts:
Ideal for home pool or spa. Manually operated Lifts use a hydraulic pump. The pump is easy to use, regardless of patient weight.

Powered Lifts:
Powered Pool Lifts use safe 24V rechargeable batteries that are water safe. Battery powered lifts include submersible remote hand-controls that can be operated without an attendant for safe independent use.

ADA Compliant Lifts:
We offer ADA Compliant Pool Lifts for institutional, commercial, public pool, and home care use.

Non-ADA Compliant Lifts:
These are simple Pool Lifts designed primarily for home use. Non compliant Lifts require an attendant, or helper. The helper will be needed to pump to the raised position and lower patient by using a pump release lever located on the pump itself. In addition, the helper will manually rotate and position the boom over the pool or deck.

Manual Hydraulic & Power Swim Pool & Spa Lifts