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Suction Aspirators

Suction Therapy Machines (Aspirators) come in low-duty home care models designed for single patient use, or facility grade with adjustable vacuum levels and 800cc to 1500cc collection bottles ready for heavy-duty use. Hospital-grade suction for emergency rooms and nursing stations.

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DeVilbiss Home Care Suction Unit DeVilbiss Portable Homecare Suction Unit

Devilbiss Home Care Suction Unit runs on AC, DC, Vehicle cigarette lighter or on it's own rechargeable battery.  Portable Suction.

Your Price: $354.70
Portable Suction Unit DeVilbiss VacuAide Compact Suction Unit, 7310PR-D

Devilbiss VacuAide Compact Suction Unit model 7310PR-D is portable and runs on AC or internal battery. Vacuum adjustment allows for 50550 mm Hg and a free flow of 27 liters/minute. Uses LED bar graph for precise settings and measurements.

Your Price: $422.00
Suction Aspirator Heavy-Duty Suction Machine

Extra-Duty, Heavy-Duty Suction. Greater than 40 LPM, less than 58 dBA. 800cc cannister. Vacuum levels up to 560 mmHg.

Your Price: $204.00
Medline Vac-Assist Suction Aspirator Vac-Assist Suction Aspirator HCS7000

Medline Vac-Assist HCS7000 Suction Aspirator. Medline's Vac-Assist Suction Aspirator is simple to use and has rugged construction to withstand the rigors of homecare use. Includes 850cc canister.

Your Price: $255.00
DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide QSU DeVilbiss Portable Vacu-Aide Quiet Suction Unit

Vacu-Aide QSU Suction Unit runs 50% quieter, typical 55 dBA. Portable unit runs on AC, DC or included rechargeable battery.

Your Price: $394.50
Vacutec EV2 Aspirator Vacutec 800 EV2 Aspirator

Vacutec 800 EV2 Aspirator comes with 800cc collection jar. Full 0-560mm Hg range. Quiet aspirator for home use. Designed for most homecare suction applications.

Your Price: $174.50
Suction Machine - Aspirator ProBasics Heavy-Duty Aspirator Suction Machine

ProBasics Heavy-Duty Suction Machine is reliable, high performance, and convienent size.

Your Price: $199.95
EVO Suction Canister for VacuMAx EVO 800cc Suction Canister 12/CS

800 CC Suction Canister (12/case).  Works with the EVO VacuMAx Portable Aspirator unit.

Your Price: $62.40
850cc Suction Canister Medline 850cc Suction Canister 12/CS

Medline 850cc Suction Canister Kit w/ Float lid, 20" & 6' tubing. Part # DYND44600A. 12 per case.

Your Price: $119.00
1500cc Suction Canister Medline 1500cc Suction Canister 16/CS

Medline 1500cc Suction Canister Kit w/ Float lid, 20" & 6' tubing. Part # DYND44705.

Your Price: $195.50
Suction Tubing Medline 6' Suction Tubing 50/CS

Medline Suction Tubing DYND50216 with male connector measures 3/16" x 72" (6'). Suction/Aspirator Tubing.

Your Price: $59.90
Suction Tubing Medline 20" Suction Tubing 50/CS

Medline Suction Tubing DYND50211 with female ends measures 3/16" x 20". Suction/Aspirator Tubing. Includes straight male connector.
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Aspirator/Suction Therapy