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Suction Fluid Solidifier

Liqui-Lok Bottles, Aspirator/Suction Canister Solidifier

Liqui-Loc Fluid Solidifier, Bottles

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Liqui-Loc Solidifier Bottles
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Liqui-Loc Solidifier in Bottles

Chemical Name: Sodium Polyacrylate, Crosslinked

Liqui-Loc eliminates employee exposure to aerosolized bloodborne pathogens.

Liqui-Loc solidifier is designed to be poured into an empty suction canister, before a procedure is started or at the end of the procedure. Pouring Liqui-Loc into an empty suction canister offers significant benefits to hospital personnel: SAFETY! It is safer to pour a solidifier into an empty suction before a procedure starts, rather then opening a port on the suction canister lid to add a solidifier at the end of the procedure, when the suction canister is filled with liquid waste.

Liqui-Loc Benefits:
  • Prevents spilling the canister contents while pouring the solidifier into a suction canister that is filled with bio-hazardous waste.
  • eliminates employee exposure to aerosolized bloodborne pathogens by not having to open a port on the canister lid when the canister is filled with bio-hazardous waste
  • Reduces O.R. turnover time.


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