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Hoyer Stature Lift Parts

Hoyer Stature Lift, replacement Parts

Hoyer Stature Lift Parts - Image 1 of 0
Hoyer Stature Lift Parts - Image 2 of 0
Hoyer Stature Lift Parts - Image 1 of 0
Hoyer Stature Lift Parts - Image 2 of 0
Hoyer Stature Lift Parts - Image 1 of 0
Hoyer Stature Lift Parts - Image 2 of 0

Parts for Hoyer Stature Lift

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Stature Lift Replacement Parts
Hoyer Stature Patient Lift
Product Code: Stature-Parts

Hoyer Stature Lift Replacement Parts

See image above for Hoyer Stature Lift Parts identification.

For all Stature Lifts:
Main Lift Battery: 0Y0067
Control Box/Charger: 0Y0198
Hand Control: 0Y0075

For Lifts with Power Tilt Cradle option:
Power Tilt Cradle Battery: 0Y0462
Charger (power tilt cradle): 0Y0458

Allow 5-7 days for parts delivery via UPS.
Hoyer parts ship UPS from TX warehouse. Call customer service for expedited shipping on these parts.

For Slings compatible with the Stature Lift see Hoyer Professional Comfort Slings

Complete Parts List

(Adobe® PDF format)

Owner Manual

(Adobe® PDF format)

Stature Service Manual

(Adobe® PDF format)

Product CodeNameYour PriceQty
Product Code:Stature-Parts-0001Parts for Hoyer Stature Lift - Boom, 0Y0186Your Price:$418.06
Product Code:Stature-Parts-0002Parts for Hoyer Stature Lift - Control Box/Charger, 0Y0198Your Price:$494.47
Product Code:Stature-Parts-0003Parts for Hoyer Stature Lift - Cradle Batter Charger, 0Y0458Your Price:$428.75
Product Code:Stature-Parts-0004Parts for Hoyer Stature Lift - Cradle Battery, 0Y0462Your Price:$266.25
Product Code:Stature-Parts-0005Parts for Hoyer Stature Lift - Front Casters, pair, no brake, 0Y0073Your Price:$167.50
Product Code:Stature-Parts-0006Parts for Hoyer Stature Lift - Hand Control, 0Y0075Your Price:$210.00
Product Code:Stature-Parts-0007Parts for Hoyer Stature Lift - Limit switch for Power Legs, 0Y0228Your Price:$111.03
Product Code:Stature-Parts-0008Parts for Hoyer Stature Lift - Main Lift Battery, 0Y0067Your Price:$269.00
Product Code:Stature-Parts-0009Parts for Hoyer Stature Lift - Power leg motor, 0Y0226Your Price:$623.24
Product Code:Stature-Parts-0010Parts for Hoyer Stature Lift - Rear Casters, pair, w/brake, 0Y0066Your Price:$160.94


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