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Standard Weight

Standard Folding Wheelchairs

While the high-tech wheelchairs out there with all the bells and whistles have become very popular in the marketplace (and we offer a wide selection of them), there's still a place and a real need for inexpensive, standard-weight folding wheelchairs. We've chosen the best and most affordable from top-name manufacturers including Invacare, Drive Medical, Everest & Jennings (E&J), Merits and more.
Standard Weight Chairs are economical, but can be heavy. Lightweight Chairs may cost a little more, but the difference in weight can be as much as 10-lbs.
All chairs are shipped assembled. UPS Ground shipping is free in the Continental US. Most are delivered in 5 business days.



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    Silver Sport 1 Wheelchair
    Nylon upholstery. Single axle chair is adult height.
    • 18"W x 16"D seat
    • 250-lbs Capacity
    • Weighs 37-lbs
    Silver Sport 2 Wheelchair
    Dual axle chair with vinyl upholstery.
    • 18" - 20" seat width
    • 250-lbs Capacity
    • Weighs 37-lbs
    Rebel Wheelchair
    Rebel is a great looking folding wheelchair with removable arms made for everyday, everywhere use.
    • 18"W x 16"D seat
    • 300-lbs Capacity
    • Weighs 37 lbs
    Everest & Jennings Advantage LX Wheelchair
    Padded vinyl upholstery. Arm & Footrest options.
    • 16", 18", 20" seat widths, 16" depth
    • 300 lbs. Capacity
    • Weighs 40-lbs
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    Invacare Tracer EX2 Wheelchair
    Dual axle chair, can be set to 17.5" or 19.5" seat-to-floor heights.
    • 16-20" Seat Widths
    • 250-lbs Capacity
    • Weighs 36-lbs
    ( 1 )
    Everest & Jennings Traveler SE Wheelchair
    Saddle-joint tubular construction and vinyl upholstery.
    • 16", 18", 20" seat widths
    • 300 lbs. Capacity
    • Weighs 36-lbs
    Poly-Fly Wheelchair
    Includes both 24" and 8" casters mounted on the rear. Quick-Release rear wheels.
    • Fold-down back
    • 18" - 20" Seat widths
    • Weighs 24 lbs.
    • 250-lb weight capacity
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A standard-size manual wheelchair has its place in hospitals and clinics but also at home where it can be quickly and easily folded up for transport. You can buy standard mobility wheelchair models here at fantastic discounts, and yet you'll still be getting a top-quality piece of equipment.

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For more information about standard chair widths and measuring see Wheelchair Size Information.