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Transport Sling for Standing Lift

Drive 13264 Transport Sling, for Stand-Assist Lift

Stand Assist Transport Sling for Stand Up Lift (w/Seat)

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Transport Sling for Stand-Up Lift - Drive 13264

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Transport Sling for Stand-Assist Lift

350-lb capacity

The 13264 transport slings are for transferring residents with minimal weight-bearing capacity, who have head and neck control, are cooperative, can sit up on the edge of the bed (with or without assistance), and are able to bend at the hips, knees and ankles. Use the 13264 transport sling for transferring resident from bed to chair, chair to car or general in-room transport.

13264A: Large
13264B: X-Large

Invacare R134 SlingTransport Sling - Model 13264
Transport slings transfer fully dependent individuals in a seated position. Transport slings hook under the patient’s legs and support their torso. Multiple hook up points adjust to body sizes.

DO NOT raise the patient to a full standing position while using the transport sling.

Dimensions:Large: 34"W x 37"L
X-Large: 44"W x 47"L
Weight Capacity:Large: 350 lb.
X-Large: 440-lbs

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