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Custom Care Convertible

Span America PressureGuard, Custom Care Convertible Mattress,

Custom Care Convertible Mattress

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PressureGuard Custom Care Convertible
Converts from Non-Powered Static Air Mattress
to Powered System with Alternating Pressure
and Lateral Rotation.
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Product Code: Pressureguard-CCC
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Custom Care Convertible Hospital Bed Mattress

Setting the new standard in convertible air therapy.

Non-Powered or Powered:
Static Air and Foam mattress is easily converted to powered mattress with alternating pressure, lateral rotation.

PressureGuard Custom Care Convertible surfaces represent the next generation of time-tested PressureGuard air therapy surfaces. In peer-reviewed studies, non-powered and powered PressureGuard surfaces outperformed traditional powered surfaces in wound healing through Stage IV.

Non-Powered vs. Powered:
The Custom Care Convertible as a non-powered treatment surface featuring a patented air therapy design that automatically adjusts a network of interconnected air cylinders and elasticized reservoirs to the appropriate, therapeutic level, regardless of the user’s weight or position. It is intended for use as a non-powered reactive therapy surface, or as a powered active therapy surface via the addition of a powered air control unit.

The Custom Care Convertible mattresses feature the innovative Star Chamber system engineered with air support cylinders that are constantly filled with air – whether or not the surface is powered. Even in their non-powered state, the air cylinders’ body-length orientation provides greater air displacement and better weight distribution than typical side-to-side cylinder configurations, and the cross-connected elasticized reservoirs absorb peaks to mimic powered flotation.

The Star Chamber design makes powered therapies more effective as well. Add-on powered control units instantly provide capability for alternating pressure and lateral rotation, offering greater treatment flexibility.

Treatment thru Stage IV:
Recommended for use in treatment through Stage IV ulcers.

The Custom Care Convertible series of pressure redistribution surfaces is designed to provide excellent patient care on both flat deck and recessed deck frames, at home or facility wide.

The revolutionary part of the PressureGuard Custom Care Convertible surface starts deep within the surface, in the Star Chamber air cylinders. Far more than foam-filled "air" systems, the Star Chamber design creates a true air system that is constantly filled with air - whether or not the surface is powered.
  • air is a superior pressure redistribution and immersion medium
  • cross-connected elasticized reservoirs absorb peaks to mimic powered flotation
  • four body-length air cylinders provide greater air displacement and better weight distribution than typical side-to-side cylinder configurations
  • the points of the star-shaped core ensure maximum air volume
  • the closed air system requires no refilling or maintenance for 5 years
While they can be somewhat effective, foam-filled systems are limited by physics. But true air therapy provides the pathway to dramatically improved outcomes.

Geo-Matt Surface Geometry:
  • zoned design helps minimize shearing
  • more than 800 individually-articulating cells
  • helps to dissipate heat and moisture through Ring of Air channels
  • gentle Heel Slope® offloads vulnerable heels'
  • transfers pressure onto pressure-tolerant lower legs
Safety Edge bolster design:
  • two-piece construction
  • provides a stable, supportive perimeter
  • helps minimize the risk of falls and bed entrapment
Treatment modalities
With the powered control unit:
  • alternating pressure treatment
  • lateral rotation treatment
  • timed auto-firm
Bi-directional stretch cover:
  • anti-microbial
  • flame-resistant
  • fluid-impervious
  • tear-resistant
  • easily wipes clean
  • exclusive bottom design reduces sliding and “gatching noise”
  • replaceable
Shear transfer zones:
  • creates shear-minimizing bands beneath heels, sacrum and scapula
  • helps “glide” user to original position following gatching
  • provides overall stability while offsetting friction

Ruggedized control unit:
  • one-piece quiet control unit
  • impact-absorbing textured rubber cladding
  • anti-microbial treatment embedded in control panel
  • quick connect-to-mattress port
  • push-button therapy selection
  • alternating pressure and lateral rotation
  • timed auto-firm
  • simple comfort adjustment
  • “disconnect” button resets surface to ideal non-powered setting
  • Minimized shearing through Geo-Matt surface geometry and Shear Transfer Zones on bi-directional stretch cover
  • Minimized risk of falls and bed entrapment through Safety Edge bolster design
  • Flexible treatment modalities, including alternating pressure and lateral rotation
  • Easy-to-use ruggedized control unit with quick connect-to-mattress port
Product Summary:
The system consists of a foam shell with a high‐density, zoned foam topper serving as the support surface underneath the patient. The foam shell also includes contoured foam bolsters at the sides and ends of the mattress, providing added patient stability and positioning. The system also includes the unique Heel Slope feature, designed to further reduce pressure for the sensitive heel area. Within the foam shell is housed the inflation system, consisting of air cylinders which run lengthwise within the mattress. The optional, add-on powered control unit connects to the mattress at the patient foot‐end and provides alternating pressure and rotation therapy modes. The system also includes an auto-firm mode to provide a firm support surface to use while providing patient care and to assist in patient transfer. A disconnect feature resets the inflation level back to an ideal therapeutic setting for use of the support surface without the control unit.

Downloadable Documents:
PDFCustom Care Convertible Owner Manual

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Span America Warranty
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