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APM2 Mattress

Alternating Pressure Mattress, Lateral Rotation, Raised Perimeter

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PressureGuard APM2 Safety Supreme Mattress

1 Reviews
Span America APM2 Safety Supreme Mattress
with Raised Perimeter
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Product Code: Pressureguard-APM2-SP
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APM2 Safety Supreme Rotational Mattress

PressureGuard APM2 Safety Supreme fits Twin size Hospital Bed

Combines all of the features of the PressureGuard® APM2 with Deluxe Pump, and adds raised perimeter edges and a fire-barrier sleeve as standard equipment.

Unique raised perimeter Wing design combines with the patented Safety Edge™ bolster system to encourage the patient toward the mattress and away from entrapment or falls. Lowered, padded opening makes transfers easier and safer for user and caregiver. The Safety Edge consists of a firm 2-part foam bolster whose inner edge contours under pressure to direct the patient towards the center of the mattress.

Lateral Rotation Function:
The APM2 Mattress includes a Non-ProgrammableLateral Rotation function. An assistant must flip a switch located at the foot of the mattress to activate rotation. With mattress toggle switch set to “Lateral Rotation”, two air cylinders on one side inflate, while the two on the opposite side deflate, gently rotating the patient approximately 20° to one side. After approximately 5 minutes, the inflation pattern reverses and the patient is rotated to the opposite side. Rotation time is fixed and cannot be changed.

Alternating Pressure Function:
With mattress toggle switch set to “Alternating Pressure”, air cylinders 1 and 3 inflate while 2 and 4 deflate. After approximately 5 minutes, the pattern reverses.

You get the proven therapeutic benefits of the powered air cylinders underneath the Geo-Matt topper, raised edges that increase patient safety from falls, restraints and side-rail entrapment, and the fire barrier sleeve that conforms to the toughest fire regulations in the US.

Weight Capacity: 350-lbs

Supreme Safety:
Clinically proven, all-in-one protection. An unsurpassed combination of entrapment and fall prevention, skin integrity, and fire safety.

Supreme Flexibility:
Switch effortlessly from alternating pressure to lateral rotation. Or select powered flotation. Three times the value for busy caregivers.

Supreme Simplicity:
Ease of operation and cleaning make it equally user-friendly in facility or at home.

The Ultimate in User Safety, Treatment Flexibility and Skin Integrity.

With its two distinct therapy modes, the PressureGuard APM2 gives you twice the treatment options.

APM/Rotate Toggle switchAlternating Pressure or Lateral Rotation at the Flip of a Switch! Change instantly and easily from alternating pressure to basic lateral rotation with a single, recessed toggle switch. Requires no disconnecting or exchanging of air lines.

The “Static” button parks the unit in powered flotation mode, temporarily suspending rotation/alternating pressure to facilitate feeding, transfers, dressing changes, etc.

The "Low Pressure" indicator light gives users at-a-glance assurance of proper function.

The APM2 delivers all the patented features that make our original PressureGuard APM stand out from the pack: Therapeutic Geo-Matt anti-shearing top surface; two-part smooth, subtle shifts in weight bearing in ten-minute cycles without sharp pressure drop-offs.

Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy (CLRT):
APM2 Lateral RotationBeyond pure pressure management, CLRT gives caregivers a versatile tool that is indicated for a wide variety of patient needs.

Exclusive Raised Perimeter:
APM2 Raised PerimeterIncorporates the patented Geo-Mattress with Wings® design to help prompt user away from edge of bed without compromising skin integrity.

Patented Safety Edge:
APM2 Safety EdgeTwo-part bolster system ensures safer transfers while minimizing risk of falls and entrapment. The safety-edge also prevents the mattress from "crushing" when sitting on the side of the bed.

Patented Heel Slope:
APM2 Heel SlopeRedistributes load to calves while providing complete foot support. The heel slope also fits the bodies natural contours and provides a more comfortable position.

Digital Multi-function Control Unit:
Digital Control Unit
Lightweight and quiet, it delivers an unmatched combination of treatment flexibility, ease of use, and dependability.
  • “Alternate” mode changes loading in 10-minute cycle; controlled at mattress for choice of lateral rotation or alternating pressure therapy
  • “Float” mode provides powered flotation therapy
  • Timed (20-minute) “Auto Firm” mode for transfers, ADLs, & CPR
  • Simple, indexed comfort adjustment
  • "Low Pressure” and “Power Failure” indicator lights and audible alarms

Silver3 Fabric Technology
Now Available with Siler3 Fabric Technology:
Silver3 is a pioneering product developed by medical fabric innovator Dartex Coatings in partnership with recognized wound care leader Smith & Nephew.

Weight limit: 350 lbs.
Mattress weight: 20 lbs.
Pump weight: 5.25 lbs., UL listed.

California Prop 65 Warning
Span America Warranty
  • 24 Months on mattress
  • 24 Months on pump

If you experience any problem with your Span America Air Mattress at any time regardless of the stage of your warranty, please contact us and we will make every effort to help you.

This warranty applies to the original purchaser and must be purchased from an authorized Span America supplier.

  • Cover: Bacteriostatic, flame resistant, fluid-proof, tear resistant
  • Foam: High-density open-cell polyurethane. Conforms to NFPA 101 small scale and Cal TB# 117
  • Air cylinders: Urethane
  • Electrical: All control units 120 V, 60 HZ
  • Mattress Weight: Approximately 20 lbs. (standard model and Safety Supreme)
  • Weight Limit: 350 lbs.
  • Cycle Time: 10 minutes
  • Placement: All mattresses can be placed directly on a healthcare bed frame
  • Warranty: 18 months, not pro-rated, against manufacturing defects
  • Flammability: Complies with 2000 NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code), Cal. TB # 129 and 16 CFR 1632 and 1633


Average Customer Review:
( 1 )
J Marita from Madison, WI United States
May 5, 2016
Great improvement over foam!!
I had a run of the mill foam mattress on my hospital bed. It was very uncomfortable and when on my side I could feel the metal frame below. I weigh 220 lbs. The new supreme mattress feels like a regular mattress with great support to my entire body. I'm currently able to roll onto my one side so I use the float setting most of the time but anticipate using the alternating settings when movement be
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