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Orthofeet Orthotic

OrthoFeet BioSole Gel, Self Forming Orthotics

OrthoFeet BioSole-Gel Self Forming Orthotics - Sport

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OrthoFeet BioSole-Gel Self Forming Orthotics - Sport
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OrthoFeet BioSole-Gel Self Forming Orthotics - Sport

These BioSole-Gel Orthotics are self-forming with Polyurethane Foam and Viscoelastic Gel to dynamically shape to the foot. The BioSole is a 3/16" orthotic, designed for shoes with removable inserts or shoes with extra room.

A bladder construction, filled with polyurethane foam and viscoelastic gel, shapes dynamically to the contours of the foot without bottoming out.

Special design for heel pain relief.
A deep contoured heel-seat, padded with gel, along with a special recess under the heel alleviate the pressure on the calcaneus and protects the heel against impacts.

Interactive Posting.
A variety of posts can be easily attached to the bottom of the orthotic to fine tune the alignment of the foot on site.

Orthofeet offers a unique Interactive Posting Technique, which provides the best control of foot function. The basic concept of this technique is that a variety of pre shaped extrinsic posts can be added to the bottom of the orthotic to align the foot in a desired position (i.e.: “Neutral Position”). The foot function is then checked, while the patient is walking with the orthotic. This allows you to fine tune the alignment of the foot in a trial and error process, based on both your assessment and the patient's feedback.

The posts are available in 3, 4 and 5 degrees, and comprise a strong pressure-sensitive adhesive for easy application. They come in two different forms: Posting Strips and Rear Foot Posts. The Posting Strips are 3" wide and 17" long. Any type of posting, such as rear foot, forefoot, medial or lateral can be trimmed from the strip and easily attached to the appropriate location on the bottom of the orthotic. The Rear Foot Posts are pre cut to fit the shape of the heel portion of the orthotic and do not require trimming. They are specially designed to facilitate the application of the commonly used rear foot Varus posts.


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