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Lift-up/down Devices

Seat Lift Assist Devices

Anything that makes moving easier for someone with mobility challenges, especially for those having trouble getting in and out of a chair, bath or toilet, is vital. We have the solution to all three of those challenges and more, right here, with our bath lift and seat lift commodes.

For example, the Uplift Commode Assist uses a hydraulically-operated seat to allow you to gently sit down or stand up, and it can be used as a bedside toilet or rolled over your bathroom commode. The lift seat and armrests provide about 70% body weight support for those weighing up to 300 lbs.

The Risedale Lift Assist Chair is a fine looking piece of furniture that discreetly doubles as a seat assist for those who have trouble standing from a seated position. This provides a truly great advantage for the elderly and arthritic.



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    Guardian Safe-T-Pole
    The Guardian Safe-T-Pole mounts next to bed, commode, or chair and provides a sure grip anywhere you grab it.
    Aquatec RSB Bath Lift
    Reclining Back with Lateral Side Flaps - three sizes to choose from including one for wider bath tubs. Adjustable side-flaps, 400 lbs. capacity. 6-8 lift cycles per charge. High backrest with molded neck support
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    Aquatec Bathlift
    Reclining Back - two models with a seat size up to 35 inches. Enjoy the simple pleasure of a bath. True portability and easy installation. Rechargeable battery gets 5-6 lifts per charge.
    Commode Assist Seat
    The Uplift Commode Assist is an automatic lifting commode. It helps the user gently lower and raise themselves from a seated position, supporting and lifting up to 80% of the person’s weight. The lifting action is provided by a hydraulic lifting mechanism, which does not require the use of batteries or electricity.
    EZ-Access TILT Toilet Seat Lift
    Ideal solution for individuals having difficulty getting up from a commode seat. This Toilet Seat Lift is all powered and uses a simple up/down hand control to operate. This unit must be plugged into an AC outlet or extension cord.
    EZ-ACCESS Powered Toilet Seat Lift
    Tilt Toilet Lift no AC outlet required, runs on included rechargeable battery pack. Easy installation. An awesome solution for individuals having difficulty getting up from a commode seat.
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    Dignity Deluxe Toilet Seat Lift
    The powered Dignity Toilet Lift gently lifts the user into a standing position to make an easier transfer. The seat lift can also be used for sitting. Uses included re-chargeable battery or plug into wall.
    Hip-High Chair model GF4405
    Lumex Hip Chair reduces stress on joints for Arthritis patients and recovery after hip or knee surgery. 27" high seat is 8" - 10" higher than a regular chair. Footrest has 3 height positions for adjusting patient comfort. Easy to maintain and clean. 350-lb weight capacity.
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    Hip-High Chair 17100-BV
    The Hip-High chair has a high 26" seat height. It is the perfect chair to use after hip surgery.
    Hip-High Chair model 17100, Drive Medical
    The Hip-High chair has a high 26" seat height. It is the perfect chair to use after hip surgery. Adjustable height footrests.
    Power Seat Assist
    UpLift Premium includes memory-foam cushion and corded hand pendant for operation. Easily transforms almost any armchair or sofa into a lift chair. Available in 2 seat sizes, fully electric for 100% lift. Hand control can be positioned where it best suits the user.
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    UpEasy Seat Assist
    UpEasy Power Seat Lift has a single density polyurethane foam cushion. UpEasy model uses a side-mounted lever to activate the motor. UpEasy Power Seat lifting cushion easily transforms almost any armchair (or sofa) into a lift chair. UpEasy can lift up to 300-lbs.
Seat Assist and Seat Lifting Devices

Standing LiftStand Assist Lifts

Standing Lifts are designed for secure patient transfers as well as supported walking. The ultimate solution for worry free transfers between beds, wheelchair or commode. Stand Up Lifts help prevent caretaker injuries.