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4-Wheel Full Size

4-Wheel Mobility Scooters

These 4-wheel scooters offer safe dependable transportation for where you're going. Modern electronics and sealed Gel batteries mean years of trouble free mobility. Our 4-wheel scooters have great indoor maneuverability, real outdoor performance, and powerful enough to carry up to 500-lbs.



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4-Wheel Mobility Scooters

These are mid- to full-size scooters designed to operate indoors andoutdoors. Four wheels provide maximum stability and safety for allusers and they have a driving range up 18 miler per charge.

The user must be capable of operating the scooter by sitting up in theseat and controlling the scooter throttle and brake lever as well assteering with the tiller mounted handlebars. All scooters have auser-set speed control mounted next to the scooters dashboard. Thespeed-control acts as a speed limiter and is easily set by user forvarious situations. Outside, turn up the pace to run around 5mph or so,some even cruise at 8mph. Inside, limit the scooter to a controllablespeed for maneuvering through a house, hallways or office.

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