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Rollators with 3 Wheels

3-wheel Rollators are lightweight and easy to maneuver through doorways and hallways. If you don't need a seat, the 3 wheel rollator offers great stability and even comes with hand-brakes. The lightweight and sturdy construction of these 3 wheel walkers offer independence for people that need support to ambulate.

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Aluminum 3 Wheel Rollator Aluminum 3-Wheel 10289RD

3-Wheel Rollator, lightweight aluminum, 300-lb weight capacity. Fits users 5'5 - 6'.  Weighs 11 lbs. Overall width: 25"

Our Price: $91.00
3-wheel rollator Winnie Lite Supreme 3-Wheel Rollator

Plaid 3-Wheeler works indoors and outdoors. 300 lbs. capacity. Fits users 5'4" - 6'2". Weighs 11 lbs. Overall width: 26"

Our Price: $97.00
Nova Traveler Rollator model 4900 Traveler 3-Wheel 4900

Traveler is the original 3-Wheel Rollator. 250-lb capacity. Fits users 5'4" - 6' tall. Weighs 15 lbs. Overall width: 25"

Our Price: $114.95
3 Wheel Rollator model 609201 Lumex 3-Wheeled Aluminum 609201

3-Wheel Aluminum Rollator has 250 lbs capacity. Fits users 5'5" - 6' in height. Weighs 13.8 lbs. Overall width: 25"

Our Price: $119.50
3-Wheeled Rollators do not have seats like the 4-wheel style. They are typically used by people with balance issues, but are fully capable of supporting users weighing up to 300-lbs. The 3-wheeled rollator's advantage is greater maneuverability. With only a single front wheel, passing through doorways or a tight path is easy.

For stability and safety reasons, 3-wheel rollators have a slightly wider footprint, usually around 25" overall width.

These 3 wheel rollators collapse inward to fold. The rear wheels come together so when folded the 3 wheel rollator is only about 10" wide. Easily fits into auto trunk or back seat.

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