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Rollator Parts & Accessories

Rolling Walker Parts & Accessories

Rollator, originally a brand name when first developed in the 1970s, has become the generic name given to any of numerous walkers on wheels with brakes and built-in seats used primarily by the elderly. We carry a complete selection of these rolling walkers here at PHC-Online from such outstanding manufacturers as Drive Medical, Invacare, Dolomite, Nova and Lumex.

We're also a great source for rollator accessories and rollator parts. We specialize in rollator walker parts and rolling walker accessories for the following brands: Invacare, Dolomite and Nova. Our inventory of rollator replacement parts for these three brands includes those most commonly requested by our customers. Spare parts for Invacare units include virtually every single item found on several popular models. Rollator accessories include many add-on items such as baskets, trays, special hand grips, cup holders, cane holders, hanging pouches and handlebar-mount flashlights.

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