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Rollators By Brand

Rollator Brands

At PHC, we take pride in our great Rollator walker selection. We carry top-quality products that you can count on for dependability and quality. Our knowledgeable and friendly Sales Staff are here to help you find the Rollator to fit your needs, and at a competitive price.

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We offer more rollator selection, more sizes and more styles to choose from. 3-Wheel and 4-Wheel walkers with adjustable height handles so each individual gets a perfect fit.

Invacare BrandNova BrandLumex BrandDrive Medical BrandDolomite BrandTrionic Brand


Rollators ship Free within the Continental US and most are delivered UPS/FEDEX in 3-5 business days.


There is no sales tax on ambulatory aids such as Rollators, walkers, canes, and wheelchairs.

Fast Delivery: Free UPS/FEDEX shipping on all Rollators (Continental US only.)

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Rollator Size:

  • Petite Rollator sizes usually work for people 4'8" to 5'2".
  • Standard models vary in handle height so that they fit the mainstream 5'3" - 6'. Weight capacities range from 250-lbs up to 300-lbs.
  • Tall Rollator versions have handle heights up to 38" making them ideal for persons up around 6' or taller. Weight capacities range from 250-lbs up to 300-lbs.
  • Bariatric Rollators have weight capacities up to 600-lbs. Most heavy-duty models are available in several height ranges from Jr.-Petite to tall.

Almost all 4-wheel rollators have seats, three-wheelers do not, most have handbrakes and baskets. Rollators with handbrakes also have Locking Brakes for safety.

For walkers without wheels and seats see Standard Walkers

Rollator Size Guide: How to measure for Rollator

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