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Roho Contour Select Cushion

Contour Select Cushion, ROHO Wheelchair Cushion

ROHO Contour Select Cushion

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Roho Contour Select Cushion
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Product Code: Roho_Contour_Select
  • HCPCS Code:: K0108
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CONTOUR SELECT Wheelchair Cushion

The new CONTOUR SELECT Cushion provides the skin protection you expect from a ROHO Group product, with the positioning and stability needed for increased function. The contoured design combined with the simple operation of the ISOFLO Memory Control Unit provides a new level of postural control and stability that has never been achieved in an air cushion. The contoured design positions the pelvis back in the wheelchair, and centers the user comfortably in the middle of cushion. The ISOFLO Memory Control Unit locks air into each of the four quadrants, providing stability by minimizing side-to-side and front to back motion.

Provides healing and protection against skin breakdown.
36-month limited warranty.

Adjustable: Fits, matches and tracks client shape to manage integrity, positioning and stability.
Washable: Cushion can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Cover is machine washable.
Repairable: Neoprene rubber cushion can be patched or repaired to extend use of cushion.
Ventilated: Separate air cells allow air circulation to reach the surface of the skin and provide cooling environment.
Includes: CONTOUR SELECT Cushion, two-way stretch cover, instruction booklet, hand inflation pump, repair kit, and operating instructions.

These features provide the stability that will allow the user to maximize function while minimizing tissue deformation. The SELECT Family of Cushioning Products comes with a 36 month limited warranty, continuing the ROHO tradition of offering the highest quality and workmanship available in wheelchair seating. The Roho CONTOUR SELECT gives you positioning, stability, skin protection and peace of mind, in one simple package.


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