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Replacement batteries, 1 Pair, 12V12AH

AGM Sealed Lead-Acid 12V12AH, Scooter & Wheelchair Replacement

UPG 12V12AH Sealed Lead-Acid, Pair

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UPG 12V12AH Batteries, 1 Pair
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Product Code: D5744
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12V12AH Batteries 1 Pair


Universal replacement battery used in many portable mobility scooters and small power wheelchairs such as the Pride Go-Go, Invacare Zoom 220 and HMV3, Drive Phantom scooter, Golden Buzz-Around, Pride Go-Chair and Sonic, Sunrise/Guardian MicroLite Ruby and Quickie P-11 chair.

This popular battery is used on many of the newer compact scooters like the Pride Go-Go and portable power wheelchairs. Most require a pair (2) batteries. Be sure to look at your scooter or power chair.

Nominal Voltage (V): 12V
20hour rate: 12Ah
Weight: 8.16 lbs
6 month warranty

Sold in Pairs.


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