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Invacare 9000XT Reclining Wheelchair

Invacare IVC 9000XT, Recliner Wheelchair

9000 XT Recliner

4 Reviews
Invacare 9000XT Recliner Wheelchair
model: 9RC
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Product Code: Invacare_9000XT_Rec
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9000 XT Recliner Wheelchair

PHC's top choice for individuals who demand a truly versatile, yet moderately priced, lightweight reclining wheelchair. Also the top choice for patients that lean to one side, just recline the back to immediately cure this problem.

A Recliner Wheelchair is desirable, and recommended for, anyone needing to be repositioned during the day to shift or change pressure points. Weight is easily redistributed by lowering or raising the back.

The 9XT Recliner Wheelchair offers 34" total back height, 22" high back with 10" removable headrest and a 90 to 168 degree recline range.

The recliner can be configured into endless seat widths, depths and heights and has been standardized to interchange components and accessories with the other 9000 series wheelchairs.

The recline controls as well as brakes are for attendant operation, not patient accessible. Rear Anti-Tipper bars are included so the patient can be safely placed in any position.

5 year warranty on frame and cross bars.

Delivery and Lead-Times:
Depending on the size and configuration of this chair lead-times vary from 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Product Features

  • Durable, low-maintenance carbon steel frame is long-lasting
  • Dynamic recline range from 90° to 168°
  • Rear axle base moves, providing stable center of gravity in recline position
  • Multiple wheel offerings allow variation of seat-to-floor heights
  • Removable Arms
  • Includes rear anti-tippers
  • Heavy duty inner liners keep seats and backs from stretching
  • Urethane rear tires, mounted on "no flex" wheels, offer superior performance
  • Urethane casters for better ride and lighter weight

Specifications: use the Technical Specs Tab above.

Parts9000XT Recliner Wheelchair Parts List

The IVC 9000XT Wheelchair is also available with a standard non-reclining adjustable height back.
See the standard IVC 9000XT Wheelchair

9000XT Recliner Diagram

9000XTR recline range


Seat Width:14", 16", 18", 19", 20", 22"
Seat Depth:16", 17", 18"
Seat To Floor Height:19.5" 17.5", 18.5" with rear wheel package
Back Height:32" recliner (22" high back, 10" removable headrest)
Arm Style:Full-length fixed height, padded, removable Desk-length fixed height, padded, removable Full-length adjustable height, padded, removable Desk-length adjustable height, padded, removable (All arms are conventional)
Front Riggings:Hemi swingaway footrest 17"-20" Hemi swingaway padded elevating legrest 17.5"-21" Hemi articulating elevating legrest 17"-25" (Footplates available in aluminum or composite)
Product Weight:51 lb. without lift package (9RC/WD86/R/28/2R) 62 lb. with lift package
Product Weight Capacity:250 lb.
Warranty: 5 year warranty on frame and cross bars.


Wheelchair Cushion
List Price: $119.50
Wheelchair Cushion
List Price: $119.50
Wheelchair Cushion
List Price: $119.50


Average Customer Review:
( 4 )
Stephen Northcutt from Cynthiana, KY United States
February 28, 2017
Reclining wheel chair
The chair is really nice and is well worth the money, however it did take longer to deliver than I was told. I was told it would show up in 10 days but it took 24 days to get here. Other then that it was well worth the investment.
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Betty J. from Lebanon, TN
September 29, 2022
true of 1 people found the following review helpful:
9000 Recliner Chair
2 weeks for delivery but it was worth the wait. We've been renting this same chair for 7 months and learned I could have bought it for less than what I paid for the rental. I recommend talking to thes people if you have any questions on how to make the right size decision since they were very helpful. It's a heavy chair so it mainly stays in the home. Does the job and is easy to recline.
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Henry H. from Cambridge, MA
September 29, 2022
recliner review
this chair was recommend by the therapist at my wife's nursing home. I had to call for help sizing it for her and the sales woman showed me how to measure her. It's perfect size and it's a nice quality chair. The back reclines easy and it's light enough that I can now take her for walks outdoors. Customer service went above and beyond what I expected from a internet company.
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William B. from Freehold, NJ
September 29, 2022
excellent chair
My wife is a side leaner and needed a reclining wheelchair where we could resolve that problem, and where she could elevate her legs and recline her back. We found the Invacare 9000XT solved all of these issues and we saved almost $950 by buying it from PHC.
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