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Quickie S-525 Power Chair

Quickie Power Wheelchair

Quickie S-525 Power Wheelchair

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Quickie S-525 Power Chair
Product Code: Quickie_S525
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Quickie S-525 Power Chair


Modularity is the essence of the Quickie S-525. Custom build this chair from the ground up. Start with the power base, and then select the most appropriate seating options according to the rider's needs. The Quickie S-525's modular design allows it to fit a person's body and their lifestyle.

PosiDrive Technology
PosiDrive technology features tapered axles, conical hubs and lug nuts. This technology increases the strength of the axle bond by a factor of ten.

VSI Integral Joystick/Controller
The VSI integral joystick controller provides digital speed and tilt-control. This slim design delivers high-end options at an affordable price.

Standard 300-lb weight capacity.
  • Modular design allows the Quickie S-525 to fit a person's body and lifestyle. A wide range of seating choices, electronic controls and power packages are interchangeable. Which allows it to fit nearly all prescriptions.
  • Ovalized Tri-cell tubing is stylish, strong and easy to mount components to.
  • Backrest is fully depth adjustable from 14" to 18" and angle adjustable from -4 to + 12 degrees
  • Multi position footplate can obtain an infinite number of hanger angles with footplate.
  • Multiple drive packages custom fit the chair to the performance needs of the user.
  • Right angle drive minimizes backlash and provides very quiet operation.

Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS code:K0011
Product Weight:Approx. 105 lbs. w/o batteries
Product Width:14 in. - 20 in. seat width
(details on order form)
Product Length/Depth:14 in. - 20 in. seat depth
Product Height:18 in. - 21 in. seat to floor (non-tilt), 18.5 in./20.5 in. (tilt)
Ship Method(s):Freight Carrier
Product Weight Capacity:250 lbs. - standard, 350 lbs.- heavy duty
Shipping Weight:250 - 300 lbs.
Electronic OptionsQTRONIX remote joystick, QTRONIX USCM (specialty controls), Integral
Performance Packages
(Speed in mph)
4.5, 6.5
Tilt OptionPower Tilt
Battery TypeU1, 22NF
Overall Width22.25 in.
Drive Wheel Size12 in. X 2 in.
Drive TireKnobby
Caster Options8 in.
Overall Frame WidthNarrow 22.25" (14-16" widths)
Medium 24.25" (17-18" widths)
Wide 26.25" (19 -20" widths)


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