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Quickie Rhythm Power Chair

Quickie Rhythm, Power Chair

Quickie Rhythm Power Wheelchair

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Quickie Rhythm Power Chair
Product Code: Quickie-Rhythm
  • HCPCS Code:: K0014

Quickie Rhythm Power Wheelchair


Replacement Batteries:
The Rhythm chair had 2 battery options. It was available with either 22NF or GRP24 Batteries.

The Quickie Rhythm is one of the most advanced power chairs in today's marketplace. Features like 6-Form Suspension and Leveler technology forge a new frontier in power-chair suspension. The Rhythm is also one of three drive-wheel base-types (front-wheel, mid-wheel, and rear-wheel) that are designed to interface with either a standard Rehab seating system or the new A.S.A.P. seating system. The result: a comprehensive modular approach that combines simplicity with flexibility.

6-form Suspension.
The Quickie Rhythm is the ultimate multi-use center-wheel-drive power chair. Featuring advanced 6-Form Suspension, the Rhythm smoothly traverses rough terrain using independent wheel-suspension, climbs up to 3" curbs, and maintains a balanced suspension profile when turning at high speeds. In short, the Rhythm™ redefines the mid-wheel-drive suspension system.

In addition to 6-form suspension, the Quickie Rhythm also uses Leveler technology. Leveler technology dampens the forward pitching that is sometimes experienced when braking while traveling down a hill or transitioning from a ramp to a flat surface. Leveler technology helps ensure that the drive wheels maintains steady contact with the ground.

Quickie iQ electronics takes user safety very seriously. This is why the new iQ motor controllers are programmed to keep the motors running anytime thermal rollback (or overheating) occurs. Most electronic manufacturers program their motor controllers to shut down during a thermal rollback. However, this can be dangerous if a chair is in the middle of a busy intersection. This is why our iQ motor controllers are designed to reduce power in a series of steps when a controller goes into thermal rollback.

The Quickie Rhythm features only high output 4-pole motors. For a performance chair, it is critical that power and reliability are not compromised. It is no surprise that the 4-pole motor, with its proven track record, was chosen for the job.

Intuitive torque is another way Quickie iQ electronics help create the optimal ride. Intuitive torque ensures that plenty of backup power is quickly available at low speeds when chairs need a boost to clear doorstops or climb obstacles. At high speeds, this same backup power is available in smaller more controlled amounts, which prevents dangerous overcompensation that often contributes to erratic chair performance.

Quickie Rhythm Owners Manual

PDFQuickie Rhythm Order Form
Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS code:K0848, K0850, K0856, K0858, K0861, K0868, K0877, K0884
Models:Rhythm™BC - K0848
Rhythm™ BC HD - K0850
Rhythm™ SC - K0856
Rhythm™ SC HD - K0858
Rhythm™ MPC - K0861
Rhythm™ BD - K0868
Rhythm™ SD - K0877
Rhythm™ MPD - K0884
Product Weight:Approx. 155 lbs. w/o batteries
Overall Base Width:25.5"
Overall Length:39"
Shipping Method(s):Freight Carrier
Product Weight Capacity:300 lbs. and 400 lbs. on HD models
Seat to Floor Height:17" - 20" (All Models)
Speed:6.5 mph and 5.0 mph on HD models
Turning Radius:21"
Seat Width:14" - 24"
(Rhythm™ SC HD & Rhythm™ BC HD: 15" - 24")
Seat Depth:12" - 24"
Seat/Back Type:Rehab, A.S.A.P.™, S.P.O.T.®, & Power Recline
Transit Option:Yes
Caster Options:6"
Battery Type:Group 24, 22 NF
Drive Wheel Size:14"
Drive Tire:Knobby, V-Groove
Drive Wheel Type:Mid-Wheel Drive


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