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Blue Chip Medical
Low Air Loss Rotational Mattress

Lateral Rotation Mattress, True Low-Air-Loss

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Low Air Loss Rotational Mattress - Image 1 of 0
Low Air Loss Rotational Mattress - Image 2 of 0
Low Air Loss Rotational Mattress - Image 3 of 0
Low Air Loss Rotational Mattress - Image 1 of 0
Low Air Loss Rotational Mattress - Image 2 of 0
Low Air Loss Rotational Mattress - Image 3 of 0

Power Turn Elite Lateral Rotation Mattress

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Lateral Rotational Mattress System with True Low Air Loss Therapy.
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Product Code: 9800
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Lateral Rotation Mattress with True Low Air Loss

Get the benefits of both Lateral Rotation and True Low-Air-Loss with the Power Turn Elite's 1800LPM Blower. Excellent pressure redistribution for the prevention and treatment of Stages I-IV pressure ulcers.

The Power Turn Elite includes a 1800 LPM Blower and a user friendly control unit so you can easily set it up for any patient. Rotation therapy offers a 25º or 40º turn with cycle time from 5 to 95 minutes.

This mattress facilitates treatment of pressure ulcers while helping to offset the hazards of immobility. Ideal for patients that cannot reposition themselves while in bed.

Eliminate manual repositioning: Lateral Rotation Mattress provides patient rotation 24 hours a day. By slowly, gently and quietly repositioning the user. Automatic, settable rotation eliminates staff or caregiver manually turning the patient.

Easy to use: The user-friendly high flow control unit offers patient comfort settings; adjustable turning cycles and a maximum turn angle adjustment of up to 40º.

Lateral Rotation: 5 to 95 minute adjustable turning cycle mode. Can be set to rotate to left, right, or none. The lateral rotation mode will assist in pulmonary blood flow and mucosal drainage, while the Low-Air-Loss function will provide a cool and dry surface for prevention and treatment of bed sores. This mattress does not rotate if head or feet are elevated.

Low Air Loss: 1800 LPM Blower provides consistent True Low-Air-Loss Therapy. Ventilated low air loss cells have air holes throughout the mattress to help minimize skin maceration by reducing excess moisture under the patient.

Side Bolsters: 10? air side-rail-bolsters are built into mattress perimeter which supports the patient and insures safety during rotation cycles

Mattress Sizes:
36"W x 80"L x 10.5"H, 650 lbs. capacity
42"W x 80"L x 10.5"H, 750 lbs. capacity
48"W x 80"L x 10.5"H, 1000 lbs. capacity

The mattress is constructed of (18) 9” high cells over a 2” high-density foam base with 10.5” high side air bolsters. The side air bolsters provide the patient with optimal comfort while creating a safe environment during rotation.

Turn Select Rotation
Customized Lateral Rotation – 24 Hours a Day
Slowly, gently, and quietly rotates the user laterally up to 40 degrees. Provides caregiver the flexibility to select a standard turning program, or to create a pattern fully customized to the patient’s condition.

Hose connections feature a locking device that keeps the mattress inflated when the hoses are disconnected. This feature can be used for transporting the patient while on the mattress or in the case of a power failure.

Patient Indications:
  • Manual turning prohibited by pain
  • Can’t be positioned off ulcer
  • User requires customized turn pattern
  • Prevention for those at very high risk
  • Settable Lateral Rotation angle and times
  • 1800 LPM Blower for True Low Air Loss Therapy
  • 2” foam base in case of power failure
  • 5 - 95 minute adjustable turning cycles mode
  • 1800 LPM Blower Pump
  • Adjustable comfort levels
  • Turning angle 25º or 40º
  • Anti-microbial cover and meets Cal. Tech. #117 for fire-retardancy
  • Audible and visual low pressure alarms
  • Vapor permeable, waterproof and fire retardant top cover
  • CPR valve quickly deflates mattress for administering CPR

How it Works:

Auto Firm:
Push the AUTO FIRM button for fast inflation. Allow 4 ~ 7 minutes for full inflation. After the mattress is fully inflated, the caregiver can now transfer the patient on to the mattress. Push the AUTO FIRM again to release the fast inflation mode. (Note: The control unit can inflate the mattress with the patient laying on an inflating Mattress)

Static Function:
Push the static button and adjust the Comfort Control by pressing the SOFT/FIRM button to achieve the maximum patient comfort. On this mode the system provides True Low Air Loss therapy. Perform a hand check by placing hand under the patient buttocks between cells and foam. The patient should have at least 4 cm of clearance between the buttocks and the bottom of the mattress.

Turn Function:
Dwell time (Turning time) can be adjusted by the CYCLE button. The time can very from 5 minutes to 95 minutes. (If select Static Function, the time window would not show any figure.)

Power Failure Alarm:
The Master Control Unit is equipped with a power failure alarm. The Control unit generates a horn sound in the event of a power outage or failure. The alarm can be disabled by pushing the Alarm Reset Button on the front panel. Hose connections feature a locking device that keeps the mattress inflated when the hoses are disconnected.

Return Policy for Power Turn Elite Mattress
This product can not be returned for hygienic reasons.

If you have questions about this product or need qualified help choosing options please call us at 1-866-722-4581.
See the full Return Policy here: Return Policy
Blue Chip Medical 9800 Mattress Warranty
  • 12 Month mattress
  • 12 Month on power unit
  • 6 months cover

If you experience any problem with your Power Turn Elite Mattress at any time regardless of the stage of your warranty, please contact us and we will make every effort to help you.

This warranty applies to the original purchaser and must be purchased from an authorized product supplier.


AC Input Voltage:120V
Input Freq:60HZ
Circuit Protection:250V, 5A
Listings:UL® 544 Medical Equipment
Air Flow:Over1000 LPM
Turn Angle:25º or 40º
Cover:zippered, washable, urethane coated
Support Surface Inflate Time:less than 5 mins.
Weight Capacity 9800:650 lbs.
Weight Capacity 9842:750 lbs.
Weight Capacity 9848:1000 lbs.


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October 28, 2021
Power turn elite mattress/ phc customer service
PHC customer service was excellent....went above and beyond to locate the item we needed to continue to care for our family member at home. Delivery was actually sooner than expected, with easy set up and operation. The user instructions that come with the mattress are sufficient for set up and operation, but somewhat lacking with regards to troubleshooting. Overall is a good system.
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