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Quickie Pulse 6 w/CG Tilt

Quickie Pulse 6, Pictured with Optional Supports

Quickie Pulse 6 Power CG Tilt

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Quickie Pulse 6 Power Wheelchair
with Power Center-of-Gravity (CG) Tilt
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Quickie Pulse 6 with Power Tilt

model EIPW21

We've packaged this new Quickie Pulse 6 with the most popular options and reduced the price so our cash paying customers can purchase it outright. The Pulse 6 is a powerful chair with power-tilt seating that uses 50AMP (22NF) batteries for gobs of power all day long!

With it's flexible suspension system and a 6 MPH top speed, Pulse 6 users are able to balance between indoor accessibility and outdoor performance. Superior maneuverability indoors easily navigates tight hallways, doors, and turns around on a dime. Outdoors, the Pulse 6 can cruise a straight line without constant joystick correction.

The Pulse 6 has great mid-wheel drive performance. The Pulse's top speed is 6 mph and the Electrocraft motors are the same motors that have been used on the Quickie power wheelchair line for 6 years.

24.5" Overall Width
The Pulse base also features one of the smallest footprints in its class and performs well moving forward or backwards over obstacles.

Includes CG Tilt
0-50 degree Center-of-Gravity Tilt system is electronically operated for ultimate operator convenience. Tilt allows patient to control pressure points throughout the day by shifting weight distribution. Tilt is more desirable than recline because in a recliner chair the patient ends up looking at the ceiling. Tilt allows patient's eyes to remain focused and looking forward for improved participation in conversation and daily routine.

Reliable Performance
The Quickie Pulse 6 utilizes proven performance and design to offer a durable power chair with a wide range of seating options. The chair's speed is settable from 0-6mph and you'll get a full day's use on an overnight charge. The flat-free 13" diameter drive wheels provide a great ride and zoom up most inclines and ramps you'll come across.

Optional Positioning Supports
Long lateral thigh supports can be added to provide lateral pelvic stability support and knee adductors can be used to maintain an optimal femoral angle. Long thigh supports are easily removable for transfer and feature a mesh storage pocket.

State-of-the-Art Controls
R-net expandable controls provide simple programming options and outstanding reliability. They feature color screens on the expandable upgrade joystick and OMNI display with a real time consumer clock. R-net electronics also allow completely unique programming of profiles including the ability to mix proportional and non-proportional controls on one chair.

What's included in this Pulse 6 package:
  • Quickie Pulse 6 SC (Group 3 SPO Single Power Option Base K0856/K0011)
  • Power CG Tilt
  • 70A VR2 Drive Control with 4 Button Hand Control
  • 300 lb 6.0 Motor Package
  • 22NF Batteries (50AH)
  • Adjustable-height, flip-back Arms
  • Auto-style seat belt
  • 8AMP off-board charger
  • 13" Drive Wheels (flat-free)
  • NEW SPOT Curved Backrest
  • Footrests included. Elevating Legrests and Power-ELR optional
  • Power Tilt
  • 13" Drive Wheels
  • Includes 22NF Batteries
  • 15 mile Range between battery charges.
  • Industry standard VR-2 electronics
  • Electrocraft motor has been used on the Quickie product line for 6 years

Quickie Pulse 6 Power Tilt

Download documents:

Quickie Pulse 6 Owner's Manual

Pulse 6 Brochure/Flyer

Replacement Batteries:
see MK 22NF Batteries (uses pair)


Product Weight Capacity:300 lbs.
Drive Wheel Position:Mid wheel
Speed:6.0 MPH
Seat Width Range:16" - 20"
Seat Depth Range:16" - 20"
Front STFH:(16",17",18")
Base Width:24.5"
Base Length:34"


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