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Electric Patient Lifts for Safe Transfers

Moving a patient from the bed to chair or any other area can prove to be a stressful process for the caregiver and patient. Our power patient lifts are designed to make the transition as smooth and easy as possible.

By using an Electric Patient Lift System, you increase the overall safety of the transfer while reducing any chance of injury that the patient or caregiver could be susceptible to. Patient Transfers do not have to be difficult. A good Patient Lift and the appropriate sling type can simplify transfers from bed to chair, chair to chair, chair to toilet, and bathing.
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We have a wide selection of electric, battery-operated lifts available. Simply recharge the power-pack batteries on the electric patient lift for a full charge - that takes about 4-6 hours. Choose between different lift ranges to accommodate transfers made at any surface level. Our electric lifts are top-of-the-line products that ensure caregiver and patient security. Shop today to bring the most convenient medical technology to your home!

Power Patient Lifts for convenience and privacy. These durable lifts accommodate many needs in home care, rehab and facilities.

Patients Lifts can be used for a variety of applications:
Patient Lift examples

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