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Folding Portable Lifts

Portable Patient Lifting Equipment

A portable patient lift or portable hoist is something no caregiver, for a non-ambulatory patient, will want to do without once they've experienced its functionality. Mobile lifts make life easier for patients and caregivers alike, allowing for smooth, gentle transfers from bed, bath, chairs and even transport vehicles.

The portable lifting equipment offered here are top quality and the best in the industry, from such noted companies as Hoyer, Bestlift and Invacare. These portable patient lift units are all built relatively lightweight but with sturdy footing. They can be folded up for easy storage or transport. For example, the Hoyer Advance can be folded or separated into pieces without the use of any tools. Most can be ordered with manual lift pumps or electronic pumps. Save time and money with portable lifts and hoists from PHC-Online.



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    BestLift PL400EF Folding Patient Lift
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    Portable Lift folds for easy transport or storage and weighs only 83-lbs. Works for patients up to 400-lbs. and has low base height of 4.5" to allow for access under most beds. 26" overall width when base legs closed.
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    BestLift PL350CT Patient Lift
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    BestLift PL350CT is the perfect solution for car transfers and your everyday transfer needs. Folds for transport.
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    Hoyer Advance-E Portable Patient Lift
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    Easy to travel with folding Portable Hoyer Lift also separates for easy handling.
    ( 38 )
    Journey Stand Up Lift
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    Portable, lightweight, folding, State-of-the-art portable with a full 340-lb weight capacity. Folds up for transport or easy storage. Ultra compact, portable folding Stand Aid Lift with best-in-class functionality.
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Transporting a Standard, non-portable Patient Lift:
Although most standard patient lifts can easily be broken down or disassembled for transport, this requires a couple tools such as crescent wrenches. Most mast assemblies can be lifted off the base assembly to provide an easy way to transport the Lift. Additionally, the actuator motor and/or hydraulic pump can be disconnected, usually at the top, to allow the boom assembly to fold down onto the mast to make a tighter package. Patient Lifts, depending on model, can weigh 70-100 lbs. and when disassembled for transport the heaviest pieces usually weigh around 35 lbs.

Patient Lift Storage:
Since the Portable Lifts fold into a nice, neat package, they are best at saving room when storing in closets or supply rooms. Non-portable Lifts are bulky and require more space for storage.

Hydraulic vs. Power Lift:
This obviously depends on the caregiver or person administering the lift, and the depth of one's pocketbook.
The hydraulic system will always be cheaper since it eliminates electronics, actuator motors, hand controls, control boxes, and batteries. Hydraulic units have the same functionality as the Power Lift, but do require the operator to use a manual pump for lifting. Most home settings can function fine with the hydraulic/manual version, but keep in mind not everyone will want to "pump" the Lift up and "bleed" the lift downwards. Most facilities will want the Powered Lift. In home care situations where there is a single caregiver to operate the Lift, a Power Lift also makes sense since the hand pendant can be operated with one hand freeing the other hand to steady or position the patient.

Using a Portable Patient Lift:

These durable portable patient lifts accommodate many needs in home care, rehab and facilities.

The Portable Patient Lift is suitable for the following CATEGORIES of lift within the working parameters of the lifts specified in the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS.

Category A - Wheelchair
Category B - Bed
Category C - Bath (dependent upon setting)
Category D - Toilet/Shower Chair
Category E - Floor
Category F - 90 degree Rotation

If you're looking for a portable patient lift you can depend on, you've come to the right place. PHC offers the best portable lifts available, because we know reliability is important to you. And if you have questions about portable lifts or accessories, our knowledgeable service staff are here to help. PHC's easy selection and fast, free shipping on most items ensure that you'll get what you need, when you need it. So when it comes to Portable Hoyer Lifts, do what the professionals do: choose PHC.