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Hoyer Pool Lifts

Hoyer Pool Lifts and Parts

updated 2/17/23: The manufacturer (Joerns / Hoyer) is discontinuing Pool Lift products.
We no longer offer them.

The Hoyer Pool Lift brand is perhaps one of the most recognized in the industry. Having a Hoyer pool hoist makes therapeutic and recreational swimming possible for those facing mobility challenges. This particular page features Hoyer Classic Pool Lifts and spare parts for the model SS-HSP, including 2-point slings, metal chain sets, replacement hydraulic pumps and replacement nylon bearings.

The Hoyer Classic Pool Lift comes complete with an in-ground, swivel-mount anchor. This is used when installing the lift at the same time as installing the deck. Other available Hoyer swimming pool lift parts, but also appropriate for spa or hot tub use, include a surface-mount anchor that can be attached to your existing deck made of either concrete or wood.



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Hoyer Classic Pool Lift
Hoyer Classic Pool Lift Operating Instructions

To use the Hoyer Swimming Pool Lifter, remove the cover from the floor sleeve and insert the nylon bearing socket. Insert the mast of the lifter into the socket. Attach the long chains to the swivel bar. To use the Hoyer Sling #112-D, place the sling under the person being lifted so that the end of the seat comes to the person’s knees. Attach the ends of the chains to the swivel bar and the S-hooks to the sling. When the person is lifted so that he/she just clears the chair, the lifter boom should be almost at maximum height. The person being lifted can then be lowered the full 62”.

All sleeves are supplied for flush installation with flush cover. For mounting location instructions and directions on installing the cement-in sleeve download the Hoyer Pool Lift Installation Manual

Hoyer SS-HSP Classic Pool Lift and Accessories.

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