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Wheelchairs for Kids

Wheelchairs in children sizes. Small seat sizes and low-to-the-ground seats. An assortment of wheels sizes, stroller handle options, and a variety of seat sizes.

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Pediatric Wheelchair Ziggo 12" Wheelchair Orange

Ziggo Pediatric wheelchair with 12"W x 12"D seat.

Your Price: $339.00
Pediatric Wheelchair Ziggo 14" Wheelchair Red

Ziggo Pediatric wheelchair with 14"W x 16"D seat.

Your Price: $339.00
16" Wheelchair Ziggo 16" Wheelchair Blue

Ziggo wheelchair with 16"W x 16"D seat. 250 lbs capacity.

Your Price: $339.00
18" Folding Wheelchair Ziggo 18" Wheelchair Black

Ziggo wheelchair with 16"W x 16"D seat. 250 lbs capacity.

Your Price: $339.00
Invacare 9000 Jymni Wheelchair 9000 Jymni Pediatric

10" - 16" wide seat widths. Full customization.

Your Price: $589.00
Zippie GS Pediatric Wheelchair for Kids Quickie Zippie GS Pediatric

Growing Frame provides a wide range of width, seat depth and other key positioning adjustments.

Your Price: $1,649.00
Zippie X'Cape Pediatric Wheelchair ZIPPIE X’CAPE Pediatric

Rigid kids wheelchair performance and folding wheelchair convenience.

Your Price: $1,850.00
Quickie Zone Pediatric Wheelchair Quickie Zone

With independence comes confidence. Every inch of the Zone was designed to give kids the best possible wheel access for efficient propulsion.

Your Price: $1,875.00
Quickie Zippie TS Wheelchair Quickie Zippie TS Tilt-n-Space

Active 45 degree range of tilt-in-space, 150-lbs capacity

Your Price: $2,144.00
Quickie IRIS Tilting Wheelchair Quickie IRIS SE Tilt-in-Space

Fixed pivot-point, dual pivot-point, or linear element. Rotate the seat-frame around a user's center-of-gravity.

Your Price: $2,210.00
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